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Short play: Better super than normal


man and woman

Man: (Drives along whistling or listening to music)
Woman: (Stands at the edge of the road and hitchhikes)
Man: (Drives coolly past, brakes hard and reverses; leans coolly out of the window and peers over his sunglasses.) Where are you going to?
Woman: I have to go to Cottbus. Can you take me with you?
Man: Well, hop in and fasten your seatbelt well. (Drives off with screeching tyres). My name is Ulf. I only bought this car one hour ago and this is my first ride.
Woman: I’m called Christine. That is a super car you’re driving.
Man: But, of course. It cost a load of money but you have to shell out for aluminium trims, air conditioning and a navigation system. You are proud to be seen on the roads with 180 PS and a top speed of 245 km/h. Do you drive a car?
Woman: Yes, I do actually but my car is in the garage for repairs. That’s why I have to ask you to take me with you.
Man: And what type of car do you have? How quickly does it reach 100km an hour?
Woman: Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t tried it out with my Corsa.
Man: Aha so you have a Corsa. (Pushes her with a laugh) then this is real experience for you today, driving with a real car, eh? It is a different feeling with 100 PS more under the hood, isn’t it? How much hub room does a Corsa have?
Woman: You know? I am not really a car expert. The main thing is that the car drives, isn’t it?
Man: You have to know your car well. But that’s exactly what you women are like. (Short pause). I’ll just drive into this filling station, there isn’t much left in the tank. (Climbs out, takes the petrol cap off). So, what will we take? I’ll take Diesel, it’s the cheapest. (Fills the tank, pays and drives off). The engine runs very strangely. (Car stalls) Oh, oh, what is wrong now? (Gets out and lifts the hood up.) There is nothing to see here. I don’t understand it at all...
Woman: Maybe you have to fill up with unleaded. Are you sure that the car has a diesel engine?
Man: (Subdued) phew, I don’t know. I forgot to ask.
Woman: Well, sometimes the cheapest isn’t the best.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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