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Brilliant inventor


Man, book saleswoman, inventor:

(Market place with market stalls)

Man: (goes over the market, with suitcase, bread buns and a beaker with a drink)
Book saleswoman: New books – something for everyone and now ½ price. Come along young man, there’s bound to be something for you.
Man: (Looks for a while and then buys a book.)
Inventor: Now come along. My inventions will fascinate you. (There is a sign on the invention stall: „brilliant and unique inventions“)
Man: Then I can’t wait. What type of inventions do you have there then?
Inventor: I see that you have just bought a book. Then you might need my “automatic page turner“. (Takes the man’s book without asking). New books, always the same problem: the pages stick together. With my automatic page turner you won’t have this problem anymore. (Takes the page turner (= Stick with double-sided sticky tape) and opens the book) In addition, the automatic page turner even has a modern belt clip. You can take it everywhere with you. Now I’ll show you how it works. Push the page turner onto the page 3-5 seconds before you want to turn it. 3-5 seconds – that’s enough. The automatic page turner holds onto the page you want to turn. Pull the automatic page turner to the left and then pull it towards you. (Page rips off because the double-sided sticky tape has stuck to it) oh, I’ll have to refine the sticking function a little. I’ll give you one of my page turners free of charge. Take it.
Man: What a brilliant invention (ironically). I prefer to use my fingers to turn the pages.
Inventor: I see that you work in an office. That’s true, isn’t it?
Man: Yes, so what?
Inventor: Then this invention is just the right thing for you. (Takes a carrying tray (a normal tray, tied around the neck with leather strips/ropes and hangs at stomach level). You are stressed out on the way to work. Deal with your paper work while walking. (Takes a book and a briefcase from the man.) For improved comfort while carrying, there also is this neck cushion (foam) as a giveaway. Of course, you can change the angle of the tray. (Pushes the board down, everything flies off) oh, I’ll have to recalculate the formula for the angle. But you have understood the principle, haven’t you?
Man: What is that then? Even if your brilliant inventions worked, they are 1. Far too clunky 2. Primitive and 3. No one would walk around in public with a board tied to their bellies. My son could put something like that together in two minutes. (The man wants to leave and is obviously annoyed)
Inventor: Wait a moment. My next invention will certainly impress you. It certainly isn’t primitive. Here is the fully automatic, remote control waiter (normal box with a remote control car under it). Transport an object without moving from the spot. Her, I’ll show how it works. (Takes a water beaker from the man, places it on the box, drives off and the beaker falls over.)
Man: Are you alright in the head? You are completely nuts. Your inventions are either children’s toys or don’t even work at all. What a load of rubbish. What type of nutter are you?!
Inventor: My bread cutter (tin scissors) is bound to convince you. Something practical for everyday life. That is exactly what you need, now that I know what your needs are. (Takes the bread bun from the man’s hand)
Man: Leave my bread bun in peace. I want to eat that.
Inventor: You don’t need to worry about your bun. With this bread cutter (a type of homemade tin scissors) I will split this bun into two halves within 1 second. With the bread cutter, you have two equal halves of a bread bun as fast as lightning. (Tries to cut the bun – it does not work) oh, I see that it sticks a little. (Takes oil and pours it over the scissors and the brad bun) that’ll make it cut smoothly...
Man: Are you totally mad? You haven’t got all of your marbles, I wanted to eat that. There’s oil on my bun...
Inventor: Yeah well, it looks a bit like honey. The bread cutter only has to be sharpened a bit, and then it will run like a dream.
Man: You’ll get a dream punch from me in a minute. We should bring you into the mad house. Brilliant inventor – what a joke. Rips the sign off, scrunches up, throw it at the inventor and goes while shaking his head.
Inventor: I don’t know what’s wrong with you people. I want to make steps forward and that’s the thanks I get. Not everything can work perfectly first time.
Theme suggestion: God as a brilliant inventor (in comparison to the inventor in the in the game)

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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