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“Compassionate stuttering Steffen”


  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • Steffen
  • Karson: (Says nothing)
  • Jens: (has two little sentences)

A, B, C stand around, they walk on- C comes always after them

A: Oh Steffen, you cling on us like a limpet.
C: Buuut II’m not doing anything!
B: Do you like running after us, the whole time?
C: Whyyyy arrrre yyyou annoyed that I’m here?
A: (Rolls his eyes) Oh Steffen, can’t you go to your friends?
C: (Beams) But yyyyyou arrrrre my friends!
B: We are your friends? Why do you think that?
A: What is if we don’t want to be your friends?
C: And wwwhy nnnot? Is it because IIII stutter a bit?
B: A bit? There is no sentence without the stutter.
A: Look for friends who stutter like you do. Look over there – there’s Karson looking at his stone collection.
B: (Laughs) It’s the same situation every break time. Why don’t you go to him? Say “hello”, eh I mean “hhhello”.
C: Bbbut I’m not interested in stones. III lllike to play ffootball just like you.
A: That may be the case but you are different. You might be OK but you are a scaredy-cat. You are only allowed to join our gang if you are tough enough.
B: Look, Karson is still sitting there. I’m sure he is waiting for you. Have a nice day…
(They leave)
(Steffen is alone. He is sad)
A and B make fun of Steffen. (Stttutering Steffen…)
Sign: The next day
A and B go to school, they talk with each other.
A: Look, what’s this? Karson is getting beaten up.
B: Do you know him? That’s Jens; he was in our parallel class. But he was kicked out of the school, two years ago.
A: Right! He is someone I don’t want to get mixed up with. Let us go on the other side of the street. (They change to the other side of the street)
B: Don’t look at him - he might come over to us.
A: Oh, he is being very brutal towards Karson. That’s not right – even if it is Karson.

(Jens looks at the two)
A and B run away.
(Steffen is heading towards Jens and Karson)
Steffen: HHey wwwhat’s that? Whhat has he done for you to ttreat him like ttthis?
Jens: (laughs) Do you want to go against me? You are not able to say your name without stuttering, but you want to play the hero.
Steffen: Get lost, or III scream so loud ttthat that everybody will notice. Wweren’t you in the youth detention centre? Do you want to go back?
Jens: (Looks around frightened) Shut up you fool… (runs away)
Steffen: Is every thing ok? Wwait III help you, to cccollect your things. Let’s go to the staffroom and get you a plaster. III come lllate, but that’s mmmore important than lessons.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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