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Insurance Freak


  • Person A
  • Insurance agent

(The insurance agent rings the doorbell and adjusts his tie)

A: (Opens the door) we don’t want to buy anything! (Shuts the door)
IA: (Puts his foot in the door) wait a moment. Please let me finish talking.
A: (Angry) look what's written there – no hawkers allowed. Anyway, my vacuum cleaner works fine!
IA: Dear lady, I can make you a great offer. I work for the North East life insurance company. Have you never heard of us?
A: (Sceptical) no. We don't need anything – it’s just more costs.
IA: Dear lady, don't think about the costs. With our life insurance you are insured against all kinds of accidents. You are in good hands if you choose us. That sounds good, right?
A: We don’t have a car and our apartment is already full with smoke alarms.
IA: Dear lady, imagine the following scenario: you slip off a ladder and you grab for net curtain to keep your balance. Unfortunately the window swings around and a vase falls down and hits a car. The driver loses control over his car and crashes into a shop window of a store. Daily mishaps can take on huge dimensions. And the damage can quickly sum up to millions.
A: That sounds realistic.
IA: Right, and just imagine that you and your husband buy a car. Suddenly you die and can’t pay back the instalments…
A: But if I’m dead, I don’t need a life insurance anymore.
IA: Ok, but what about your bereaved family? You have to take care of your family. Should your children work in a factory to pay off your car?
A: That sounds logical.
IA: Our insurance packet includes an accident insurance, salary insurance, a home owner’s insurance, a life insurance and crisis insurance. That insures you against floods, terrorist attacks and lots more. So you are ready for any situation. Believe me, you can relax more if you are well insured and you won’t have any financial problems if your husband dies. What do you think? Do you like the sound of that?
A: I am speechless, that’s …
IA: … an incredible offer. You see, a safe world can be so easy to reach.
A: You are absolutely crazy. Are you insured against headaches?
IA: Dear lady, I don’t understand you.
A: What’s why (slams the door against the insurance agent’s head)

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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