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Setting priorities


Husband, wife and son

(Husband rings the door bell and waits impatiently)
(Wife opens the door)

Husband: (Before his wife can even welcome him home) Ah, finally. How long does it take? (Shoves his wife hastily aside and runs to the television, switches it on, throws his bag in the corner and pulls off his scarf, pullover etc. over his dirty work clothes) Man, they’ve already been playing for 3 minutes. Well at least it’s still 0:0. That would have been really annoying if I had missed a goal. (Flops down into the seat).
Wife: Hello first of all. How was your day?
Husband: (Eyes remain focussed on the TV) Hello. Like always. What’s with the questions? You can see that I’m watching football. Can you bring me a beer?
Wife: Coming straight up. Something else while I’m at it? (Annoyed)
Husband: I want to eat something at half-time. Now leave me in peace to watch the football.
(Wife leaves)
(Husband watches the game, cheers on his team and swears at the referee etc.)
Husband: Man, what is he up to? He can’t just let a player past like that, make a tackle. (Short pause) Ah, that was bound to happen. Now we’re playing catch-up again and so soon in the game.
Son: (Comes with his maths book in the room) Will you come and practise maths with me? You know that we are writing our final maths exam tomorrow.
Husband: Ah yes, no I can’t at the moment. You can see that I’m watching football at the moment. Football is more important than maths.
(Son sits down and throws his maths book aside.)
(Husband looks at the TV again, shouts...)
Husband: Yeah, come on. A short pass now. Yes! Gooooooaaaalllllll! (Shakes his son and blows his hooter.)
Wife: (To son) what are you doing here, you should be learning maths. Do you want to understand the logics of watching a football match?
Son: Dad hasn’t got any time to learn with me and he says that football is more important than maths.
Husband: Why are you talking about logic? It is logical that a man and his son are left in peace to watch a football game. Now leave us alone to watch the football. What’ll become of the boy if he doesn’t know anything about football?
Wife: Yeah well, we won’t need to wonder why our son brings such bad reports home. (Accusingly)
(Husband does not listen and talks with the TV)
Wife: We should go and visit my parents at the weekend. We have wanted to go since...
Husband: We can’t. There’s a football game.
Wife: You and your football. Do you even think about anything else?
Husband: (Annoyed) Man, will you be quiet? I want to watch football.
Theme suggestion: Where do I place my priorities in life? What is important to me?

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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