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Spoilt boys

(Person B comes into scene with a rain cape and an umbrella, lays everything down and sits down.)
(Person A sits on a stool and eats biscuits)

B: Man, that’s rubbish wetter outside. Yeah well, you’d do everything to go for a job interview with the present job situation...
A: It doesn’t matter how rubbish the weather is, watch out that you don’t get my suit wet. My parents bought it for me especially for this job interview.
B: Oh, sorry, it wasn’t meant. Where have you hung up your wet things? And where is the umbrella stand here?
A: (Disdainfully) I don’t know. I came by taxi.
B: (Hangs his things up) and you are also here to apply for the banker’s job?
A: Yes, of course. I am not here for the good of my health. I’ve practically got the job in the bag. My father knows the director personally. Do you really believe that you’ve got a chance by turning up in jeans and a t-shirt?
B: (Somewhat mortified) both of my parents are unemployed so we could not afford an expensive suit.
A: Mmm…unemployed. (Bites enjoyably into a biscuits) (Pulls out his mobile phone and plays with it)
B: Cool phone. It was almost certainly very expensive.
A: I didn’t pay for it. I got it from my parents as a pre-Christmas present. I would like a new PC for Christmas. My old one is over one year old.
B: You seem to have very rich parents.
C: (Comes into the waiting room) Mr Rich, would you please come into the interview room with me?
A: (Is still playing with his phone) Yes, I’m coming, but I am just about to reach my highest score.
C: (Snapping) Give yourself time, then I’ll ask Mr Penny to come in first for the interview.
A: I am finished. (Claps the phone shut) Well, let’s go.
(In the interview room)
C: Yes, Mr Rich. First of all I would like to know what interests you have and why you have applied for a job as a banker.
A: Yes, well. I like to play on the Playstation and on the computer. My father organised this interview for me. He knows the director personally. I thought that a job with money wouldn’t be bad because I already manage my pocket money. I know that 200 Euro in a month is no comparison to the sums which flow through the hands of a banker.
C: So, so. And what do you imagine this job to be like?
A: Well I think that the wage is good and that you have to be able to economise.
C: Can you do that?
A: Yes, I can actually. I have my own bank account. My parents have transferred 2000 Euro per year into the account since my birth. I buy myself PC games, videos, CDs or a new computer screen with my money. Obviously I always have a little left over to save.
C: Well to me, you seem to act a little relaxed towards your money, but show me your school report please. Let’s see what your exam results show us.
A: Here you are. (Hands his folder over)
C: (Opens the folder) why is there a 50 Euro note in the folder. You really can’t bribe me to give you the job.
A: Oh, that was my last exam result money; I haven’t taken it out yet.
C: (Studies the report) I got a C in maths. Mathematical knowledge is extremely important for a job as a banker.
A: Yes, but in my first choice subject, biology, I got an A+.
C: Ok that’s all. I think I have learnt all of the important facts about you. Please wait in the waiting room until I call you in again. Please ask Mr Penny to join me in the interview room.
A: You have my address in all of the papers. I will give you my father’s business card just to be on the safe side. See you soon.
(B comes into the interview room)(Welcome between B and C)
C: Yes, tell me about your interests and tell me why you would like a job as a banker?
B: I am interested in computer programs and I am the treasurer in our computer club. I have just completed some work experience in the savings bank.
C: That sounds good. You already have a head start over your competitor. If I could just see your report?
B: Here you are.
C: I notice an A in maths and my assessment of your social behaviour is very positive. You’ve got the job. Your competitor can try to impress me with his wealth and his father’s position, but other values are important in the job search.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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