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The wimp – No risk is fun


Wimp, person1 and person2

(Wimp, person1 and person 2 are together on the stage)

Person 1: Man, we should do something really cool again.
Person 2: Yeah, something with loads of action. I’m thinking about something like bungee jumping or rafting, maybe even rock climbing or something. Anyway, definitely something with a little thrill!
Person 1: Yes, something like that is really cool but it costs a lot of money. Man, Klausi (wimp), why don’t you say something as well?
Wimp: Well I really can’t be bothered with bungee jumping or something. That is far too risky. Think about what would happen if the rope snaps or if it is too long. No, I won’t risk my life just cause of some cheap thrill. Maybe a hook will break off from the wall if we go climbing, or... (Is interrupted)
Person 2: Come back down to earth. You are a complete wimp. You should sit on your sofa and knit. But no, you might cause yourself a severe wound from the needle. Knitting is far too dangerous for you (ironic).
Person 1: Now, don’t pick on him so much. He simply hasn’t got much courage (to person 2). (To wimp) Yes, well what would you do?
Wimp: Well a bike tour would be OK and it doesn’t cost anything.
Person 2: Then go by yourself. I can’t be bothered with something so boring. Where is the excitement in that then?
Person 1: No. We did something like that with our parents over 5 years ago. What about skiing or snowboarding. They’ve said that there’ll be snow tomorrow.
Wimp: But I can’t ski and I haven’t got my own pair of skis.
Person 2: You can have mine I prefer to ride my snowboard anyway.
Wimp: Ach, but I haven’t skied before and what if I break something? I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Wouldn’t we rather...
Person 1: Now don’t you worry about it, no one has died while skiing, at least no one who I know of.
Wimp: OK then, but I don’t have a good feeling. (Looks at the clock). Oh, it is 12 o’clock already. I have to go home for my tea. See you tomorrow then. (Leaves and says quietly to himself) Hopefully there won’t be any snow tomorrow.
Person 2: (Calls after him) Ciao, we’ll pick you up tomorrow at 15.00. (Once the wimp has gone) Well I can’t wait to find out how our wimp does tomorrow.
Person 1: Surely he won’t make a fool of himself. See you tomorrow then. Ciao!
Person 2: Ciao, dig in.
(Person 1 and person 2 go and call on the wimp)
Wimp: (Comes out briefly) yes, I’m coming.
(Person 1 and person 2 wait a while, talking)
Person 2: Man, he’s taking a while. He is probably scared stiff.
Person 1: Ach, he’ll come soon. You know what his mother is like: „You have to fetch your polo neck jumper and don’t forget your scarf and hat. Have you got two pairs of socks on? “

(Person 2 laughs) (They wait again)
Person 2: Mummy must have dressed him by now. Ah, he probably wants to do a runner.
Wimp: (Appears packed with glasses, helmet, shin pads, arms protectors, knee protectors, breast plate ...) Hello, I’m ready now. We can set off now.
Person 2: (Laughs) What? What is that supposed to be? Do you want to go to Jackass? That would be a right laugh. (Laughs) Ah no, that is unbelievable.
Person 1: Don’t you think that that is a “little” over the top? You can hardly move at all.
Wimp: Ach, it’s OK. Nothing can happen to me like this. (With index finger pointed up) and anyway: „No risk is fun“.
Person 2: I believe that you are really brave. You need a lot of courage to walk about in public in such a costume (ironically). Try it again at carnival time. Maybe you won’t stick out as much. (To person 1) come we’re off. I am not walking around with that!
Theme suggestion: Courage: how much should we risk in life?

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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