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Tramp play

Person 1 and person 2 meet in the street. It is Sunday

Person 1: And? What is the plan today?
Person 2: No idea. Have you got any cash on you? Let’s fetch a crate of beer.
Person 1: Good idea. Then we’ll see what happens.
(Both leave and come back again soon with a crate of beer. They drink one bottle of beer after the other.)
Person 2: The crate is empty soon. What will we do now or rather, where will we get the next crate of beer from?
Person 1: Look at the tramp over there; he always has something to booze. He boozes the whole day long. It’s no wonder that he’s landed on the streets.
Person 2: I don’t understand how it can get so far. A few beers every now and again is OK, maybe even a few more. But those types of people (points obviously in the tramp’s direction) can never get enough.
Person 1: Exactly, he should follow our example. We enjoy a few beers every now and again, but it stops there.
(They take the last bottles of beer.)
Person 1: Let’s drink to the fact that won’t end up like the tramp. Cheers
Person 2: Oh please. You have to have a real problem to end up like that.
(They empty their bottles. They say goodbye and leave.)
(Wednesday – they meet up on the street. They say hello)
Person 2: Man, we have something to celebrate.
Person 1: What is there to celebrate?
Person 2: Hey man, we haven’t drunk anything for 2 days. We’ll have to drink a beer to the success.
(They fetch a bottle of beer)
Person 2: Man the beer tastes really good today. Come on; let’s fetch another couple of bottles.
Person 1: Don’t you think that one beer is enough for today? That’s how is starts off and then sometime we’ll be sitting there (points to the bench where the tramp is sitting). Byes…I’m off.
Person 2: What’s up with him? Then I’ll drink a beer by myself.
(Fetches one beer after the other and eventually falls over unconscious.
(In hospital...the tramp is lying next to him)
Person 2: What? I have gone so far? And I though I had everything under control.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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