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Puzzle games – a night, where it is all about puzzles.

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Puzzle games promote logical thinking, spatial thinking, thinking "around the corner", problem-solving techniques, creativity and patience.

That actually says already everything and shows you, which potential for learning lurks behind puzzles. The word "game" includes playful engagement with a task that encourages logical thinking, patience and creativity to solve a problem or any given task. Puzzle games are also a playful introduction to various teaching topics, whether in mathematics or technology lessons. Mathematical thinking, logic, spatial reasoning can be promoted by using puzzle games in mathematics lessons. Patience, trying out something new, combining, designing and discarding, solution thinking - all that is promoted creatively and playfully.

Puzzle night in the youth group

A puzzle night in the youth group could be in the form of a rally. Different stations with different tasks are set up. Whether there are puzzles to match, mathematically oriented puzzle or puzzles which have to be assembled or disassembled can be used here.

Planning and Preparation:

In advance, get various puzzle games. Some youth workers for sure will have one or two puzzles at home. Matches are also good to have and are easy to get. Task sheets can be quickly created and copied.

Stations for puzzle games

Puzzles with matches are quickly prepared. The task is set and the time is measured until when one or the other match puzzle is solved. Ideas for match puzzles can be found here.

Disassembly of 2 bent nails is also a classic. If you know the trick, the puzzle can be solved in seconds.

However, there are many more, small and not too expensive puzzle objects.

Assembling a wooden cube or pyramid; actually, any structure can be done in seconds or minutes depending on how difficult the task is.

There are also small and larger puzzle items you can buy at the market.

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