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Beer crate games

Beer crate racing
Beer crate racing

For June I thought about having a beer crate game night. Those games are also suitable for any kind of competitive games. You can get those crates from your local bottle shop for a small fee. Depending on which games you want to play, how many teams or participants you have in mind, you should be fine with about 20 crates.

Games with beer crate

  1. Beer crate stacking:

    The team tries to stack as much as possible boxes one above the other, without the tower to fall over. They are doing that by lifting the tower and add another crate underneath. Which team manages to stack the most crates? Alternatively, how many crates can they stack within 60 seconds? Note: for safety a hard hat or even a helmet is recommended for this game.

Self esteem
Self esteem
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  1. Beer crates stacking - the extreme version:

    this game is only possible with an appropriate safety gear (chest strap, harness, carabiners, safety ropes, firm suspension). Because this time the crates are stacked on top of each other. To do so one kid has to stand on top of the boxes. At the beginning that is relatively easy but gets harder the higher the tower grows as it gets more wobbly up there.

  2. Beer crate palanquin:

    2 players carry a beer table. On the beer table are a) 5-6 stacked beer crates. During their transport, they are not supposed to fall down. Or b) as many as possible crates have to be stacked on the table (a wide board would do as well) and that has to be transported back and forth.

  3. Beer crate racing:

    For this relay a certain distance has to be covered using 3 crates. If necessary, you can do it with 2 crates just as well. The challenge is that the participant is not allowed to touch the ground with his feet. Once at the finishing line the next player gets a go. Winner is that team who finished the relay course first.

  4. Beer crate stacking race:

    Also a relay game. The participant has to cover a certain distance with (depending on age) 3-6 stacked crates. In other words, the beer crate tower has to be carried and balanced over the entire course without dropping it. At the finishing line the next player takes on the crate tower and takes it back.

  5. Beer crate chain:

    beer crates have passed on from one to the next person (they also can be thrown). How many beer crates can be passed on in 60 seconds, over a distance of 20 meters?

  6. Beer crate pedestals:

    2 competitors are each on one beer crate holding hands. The objective is to push the other player off the crate without touching ground with the feet first.

  7. Beer crate stilts:

    similar to the cans race ropes are attached to the crates. Every player steps on one crate, takes the rope and tries now to cover a certain distance this way. It gets a bit more complicated, if 3-4 crates are stacked above each other and roped together tightly. Now try to cover the same distance.

  8. Beer crate throwing:

    similar to shot put or ball throwing ...

Beer crate pedestals
Beer crate pedestals

Beer crate racing
Beer crate racing

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