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Red Indian Camp | Red Indian Day

Children of all ages, especially boys, like to play Cowboys and Indians. For this reason, a Red Indian Camp will jog interest and amusement among the kids. Obviously a few preparations are required for the camp, but a good result can even be achieved with simple methods. The games have been taken from the collection of games and „adapted“as far as required to suit the theme, so that Indian games and competitions are made. The goal of the crafts and the different craft ideas is to be as simple as possible. Obviously if you have more time for crafts, you can take it to the extreme with embroidery, decorative touches and complicated sewing of Indian costumes, Moccasins and feather jewellery. It is recommended that you make up a few of the crafts before the camp as examples and as motivation for the group.

Red Indian Camp

The Red Indian Life and the Indian Games

What is the charm which makes children interested in Red Indians and in their stories? Maybe it is the simple life, the romance of the camp fire, the life in the wilderness, the fights and games – all of the things which simply no longer exist in this form in our day and age and with our standard of living. Whoever has read or devoured the Karl May books about Old Shatterhand and Winnetou, might dream about experiencing those types of adventures one day. For this reason, some games like archery, creeping up and attacking, hunting and fighting games, are ideal for experiencing the skills of the Indians. Even experiencing the natural elements of water, fire and earth while paddling a canoe, large camp fires, secretive smoke signals and Indian dances are impressive.

Red Indian Day

An Indian day can be led in the following way: Early in the morning we will start with a station games which can take approx. 2 hours. An outdoor terrain game takes place in the afternoon which can also take around 2-3 hours. After the evening meal, all of the Indian tribes meet up and send their best fighters into the Indian matches. To conclude, there is a large powwow with Indian dancing around the camp fire, stories and a feast. If this is too much for you for one day, you can of course split the program over two days. A possibility – depending on the size of the group, age and experience – is also to build in a night time adventure (maybe with problem solving) with an overnight stay on the prairie (under the stars).

A certain amount of work is required to prepare such ideas, whether it be a Red Indian day or an Indian camp. This starts with the Indian names, the group names (tribe names with famous tribes), the suitable outfit (Indian clothes, weapons and Indian jewellery), and goes onto organising cool games, competitions and stories around the camp fire. A few pieces of advice and assistance are available in the next pages.

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