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Indian fights – duels – relay games

These games have more of a fighting nature.

  1. Duel at the totem pole

    Duel at the totem pole

    2 fighters are tied to the totem pole with a 3m long piece of rope. The rope is tied to their left hand with the other end tied around the totem pole. In the right hand, each fighter holds a rounded and dirtied sweeping brush handle/stick (10cm long) as a knife. The players now try to strike each other. Strikes above shoulder level lead to disqualification. A rough game – but who doesn’t want to show their fighting power and skill just like Old Shatterhand and Winnetou?

  2. Duel

    We look for a nice dirty puddle, a muddy piece of grass or we water a patch of earth or a field. Now the games can begin. None of the fighters are allowed to leave the playing area. The target is to lie the opposition down on his back.

    • Alternative 1: Tie up with a 3m long rope
    • Alternative 2: Pull the feather off the headband
    • Alternative 3: Pull a handkerchief out of the trousers
    • Alternative 4: A wide band or a handkerchief is tied around the neck (no rope). In the press-up position, the opponent must be pulled over a line.

    Note: This game should be played in swimming trunks and there must be the possibility to wash off the mud afterwards.

  1. Buffalo fight

    Back to back, the two fighters sit in a circle. Each player tries to push the other player out of the circle. The loser is the first player with both feet or his bottom out of the circle.

  2. Catching rattlesnakes

    Both players are blindfolded and a couple of tin cans are tied to their feet. The players must move around inside an area of 5x5 meters. How long will the rattlesnakes need to catch the other players?

    Alternative: Both of the rattlesnakes must catch the other players and the fighters from the relative tribes (the spectators) make as much Indian war cries as possible.

  3. Horse race

    The horse and cart looks similar the roman chariots and are made from 5 players (2 players standing upright represent the head, 2 players bend down to represent the horse’s back and one rider sits on top). The rider on the top must carry a bucket of water from a to b, must ride past a target and hit it with a lance (burst balloon), must get over a bench with his horse and wade through a river etc. etc.

  1. Bison hunt

    The Red Indians liked to hunt and corner bison. Our bison hunt is similar to this. In a playing field of approx. 20x30 meters, which is bordered by a stream on one side, the hunters must hunt the bison and throw them in the water. Whoever gets wet is out of the game. How long do the Indians need for the hunt. The roles are swapped over in round 2.

  2. Rider fight 1

    A pair of players represents a horse and rider. The rider tries to pull the head feather from his opponent or pull a handkerchief from the back of his opponent’s trousers.

  3. Rider fight 2

    A trio of players make a team. One at the front, one bent over holding the hands of the player at the front, and one sitting on his back. The aim is to throw the opponent from the back of his horse.

  4. Fetching water

    The Red Indians did not have any water taps. The water had to be collected from a nearby river and transported back to camp. We will try this but with a few obstacles built in.

    a) slide down to the river on a stable plastic sheet smeared with liquid soap

    b) fetch water

    c) run back on a plastic sheet smeared with soap

    d) crawl under a bench

    e) climb over a bench and pour the water into the container.

    Then it is the next player’s turn.

  5. Snake fight

    2 fighters are tied together by the foot with a 2-3m long rope. The aim is to try and knock the opponent off balance. You are not allowed to pull on the rope. The game can be played in a large circle with a diameter of approx. 6 m.

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