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Party Games for Girls and Boys

The following games work well with mixed groups of girls and boys at a party. In the other chapters you can find lot of suitable games that can also be played at parties. These party games can also be used for a regular game evening too. If your having a birthday party there is always the option to have a pinata, play pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, hide and seek or tag. But most of us already know how to play those games. This list we have come up with consists of many unique and fun games some of which you may not have ever heard of. So definitely check it out and read on.

Party Games for Girls and Boys
  1. Sculptor and Statues

    One person is blindfolded. A second person assumes a position. The first person must touch the second person to find out what position he/she must copy. This can be played team against team.

  2. The Most Popular Boy

    This game is only good for mixed groups, but not for all mixed groups. It is recommended to consider if this game will work for your group. Every boy collects as many kisses as possible from the girls. The lipstick kisses are counted.

  3. Scarf Tying

    Who can use only one hand to tie a scarf around another players neck?

  4. Don’t Drop The Egg

    2 players stand back to back. They hold an egg between their backsides. The egg must be placed on the floor without breaking it.

  1. Beat the Eggs

    4-5 volunteers are needed. 4-5 eggs are on a table. The players are told that one of the eggs is raw, but the others are hardboiled. Each player takes a turn, taking an egg from the table and tapping it on the other players foreheads until it breaks. The players are told whoever gets the raw egg is the bravest. Because all of the eggs are hardboiled, the last player gets the prize before an egg is tried on his forehead. The game is suitable as a filler shortly before a meal when every participant gets an egg anyway.

  2. The Loving Statues

    Many pairs are sent out of the room. The first pair assumes a position of a loving statue. One of the males is brought into the room. He must make a change to the statue and then assume the males position. Then a female is brought into the room and make a change to the statue too. She then assumes the female position of the statue. The game continues in this manner.

  3. Kiss-Roulette

    6 players play this game – 3 girls and 3 boys. Each player gets a number. The first player rolls the die. Each number on the die stands for: 1=Nose, 2=Neck, 3=Lips, 4=Ear, 5=Forehead and 6= Cheek. Then the player rolls again. This time, the number rolled stands for the player he must kiss, etc. If he gets his own number, is it luck (or bad luck)?

  4. Island Game

    If you are familiar with party games, surely you know this one. Pairs are made and they stand on an island (newspaper page). After every song, the island gets smaller and smaller (the newspaper is torn in half). Who can dance together the longest while still standing on the newspaper without stepping off it?

  5. Sing It Again…

    A game for a somewhat older group. The whole group gets about 10-29 minutes to prepare. Each group must write a text and sing a song that describes the following situations: 1) your feeling after your first kiss, 2) your memories of your wedding night, 3) your memories of the first year after your wedding and 4) 50 years later.

  6. What, Where and When?

    This game is also welcomed as a wedding game. Think about and ask questions such as the following of the pairs. First ask one partner to leave the room. Then ask these questions:

    1. what was the weather like when you two first kissed?
    2. what day of the week was it?
    3. what did your partner wear on that day?
    4. do you know your mother-in-law’s birthday?
    5. name your partners favorite song
    6. when was the last time your partner gave you roses?
    7. and so on…
  7. Find Your Girl

    Before the game begins, every girl fills out a card, naming a few personal facts about herself: eye color, how tall she is, her jewelry, brand of lipstick, etc. The cards are put into a box. One boy picks a card and tries to match it to the right girl. The first boy to match the card to the girl is allowed to dance with her. This game can be played throughout the evening.

  8. Who Must With Whom?

    For party games one must now and then find volunteers – for making new pairs or dancing partners. This is a good game for choosing pairs. The group leader holds a bundle of cut pieces of yarn or twine. All the boys choose an end from the one side of the bundle, the girls choose a loose end from the other side. Then the leader lets go of the bundle and pairs are then made of the boy and girl holding the same piece of yarn. They are then a pair for the next game or dance.

  9. Blind Recognition

    All partners are blindfolded. The girls must find their partners by just touching the players. Variation: the girls are allowed to touch only the calves of the boys and must guess who it is. Or, one player can only touch the flat of the hand to guess who it is. Definitely a fun party game.

  10. Hold the Apple

    Party games bring people together! Each dance pair holds an apple between their foreheads and must dance without the apple falling. Variation: 2 steps forward, 3 back, 2 sideways as directed by the leader.

  11. The Last Cry

    Each team is given a newspaper, scissor, needle and thread or sticky tape. Using these items, each team within a few minutes, must make a fashionable evening dress or suit just like you would find from the fashion designers in Paris or New York.

  12. Belly Dance

    Everyone who thinks they can do a belly dance is welcome to try. A pole is laid between two chairs or tables. With the belly the rod must be picked up without it falling on the floor. Then the belly dancer must make a complete turn and lay the pole in the other direction back on the chairs.

  13. Have or Have Not

    Boys and girls stand in two circles one inside the other. The circles move in opposite directions. The music stops and the leader asks: “Does the person opposite you have a nose?” “Yes” Then the pairs hold each others noses and so dance until the next stop. Then the players walk again in opposite directions until the music stops. : “Does the person opposite you have a knee?” etc. (hip, heel, backside, ears…)

  14. Kiss 1

    2 players must kiss each other on a body part that starts with the next letter. Start with A (arm), then B, etc. If there is no body part for that letter, it is skipped. For each correct kiss the player gets a point.

  15. Kiss 2

    Each team is a pair who then puts lipstick on their lips. Then the pair has 2 minutes to make the most countable and noticeable kisses on each other.

  16. The Game of Love

    A playing field is made in a circle and sections must be marked or numbered to 32. A few sections are marked “events” others as “action”, etc. Let your imagination guide you. Here are a few ideas:

    1. get a massage from the player next to you
    2. kiss your friend
    3. tell your partner why you love him/her
    4. win a chocolate heart
    5. lose a turn with a roll of the dice tell your friend what you especially like about him/her
    6. complete the following task with your partner…
    7. kiss your partner on the neck
    8. one minute foot massage
    9. do a great (belly) dance
    10. sing a song
    11. take off you shirt
    12. do what your partner wishes
  17. Dance with Hearts

    Cut out hearts are placed in a circle on the floor. There should be one less heart than players. As soon as the music stops, each player must stand on a heart. The last player is the winner.

  18. Lips

    Hang on the wall a picture of a head or a poster of someone. One player is blindfolded and must try to pin a needle with cut out lips on it on the picture. The winner is the player who gets closest to where the mouth is on the picture.

  19. Pass On Kisses

    Everyone sits in a circle, alternating boy – girl. A playing card is held by sucking on it and passed to the next player, who must hold the card by sucking on it on the other side. The play continues as each player passes the card to the next player. If the card falls (unlucky?), then the player must kiss the next player in line.

  20. Find Your Partner

    Either a picture or symbol is cut in half. One half is given to each player. The other half of the pictures are put in the pot. Each player picks a picture out of the pot and must find the other half. So will pairs be made.

  21. Change the Baby

    You need a large doll or teddy bear and pampers diapers. The task is to change the baby using only one hand.

  22. Unknown Kisses

    One girl is blindfolded. One boy is chosen and must kiss the girl on the cheek. If she guesses correctly, she may be kissed again. If incorrectly guessed, the next girl takes a turn. After a few rounds, the boys may be blindfolded and must guess which girl has kissed them. Variation: each boy receives a number and the girl calls out a number.

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