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Games for Children’s Birthdays

Cotton Ball Race

The following games are only a few suggestions. For more ideas for children’s birthday parties, please see the chapters on Balloon Games, Newspaper Games and the following chapters for Party Games for Girls and Boys.

  1. Cotton Ball Race

    The group sits around a table tennis table or a table. A table tennis ball or a cotton ball must be blown across to the opponents side of the table and must fall off the end. One point is given for each goal.

  2. Take It All

    A bucket is placed on a blanket about 2-3 meters from the start. The players take turns tossing candies into the bucket. When a player get a candy in the bucket, he gets to keep all the candies that are on the blanket. The distance of the bucket must be far enough away so that every try is not a winner, but close enough so that it is not impossible to win. With a little luck, a few candies will disappear.

  3. Fish Something Sweet

    Attach a paper clip to each candy. Then place them in a large container. Each child uses a fishing pole with a magnet attached to the end of the string to fish out some candies. Each child gets 3 chances.

  4. Candy Transport

    A bucket filled with candies is placed 10 meters away from the start. Each child gets a spoon. Each child gets a spoon and must fetch as many candies as possible within one minute. Candies that fall on the ground can not be picked up. Only candies that make it to the goal count.

  5. What A Commotion

    This is a nice game for a birthday party or celebration where every child should receive a prize. Each prize is attached to a long colorful string (yarn). Each prize is hidden somewhere in the room and the long stings are hung criss-crossed throughout the room. With the prizes hidden and the strings hung criss-crossed, a real jumble of a mess is made. Each child gets the end of one string and must roll up the string onto a pencil or empty toilet paper roll until he reaches his prize. This makes a great hullabaloo.

  1. Confetti Fun

    Each child gets a balloon with a generous amount of confetti in it. The balloon must be blown up until it pops (or until someone pops it – necessary for younger children). When all the balloons pop at the same time, it rains confetti.

  2. Take A Chance

    In each balloon is a piece of paper with a small task written on it. Each child picks out a balloon, sits on it to pop it and must complete the task written on the paper. The names of various prizes can also be written on the papers. This game is also good to use as a lottery to determine “who goes first” in a game. In this way, everyone gets a turn.

More ideas for Children’s Birthday Parties

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