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Detective games for a children’s birthday party

This detective game was sent in by Monika F. It was played and tested at a children’s birthday party with approx. 10 children (approx. 7 years old).

Invitation to a children’s birthday party

Dear detective colleague s.
Do not go any further alone.
Need your help to celebrate my birthday
And to solve the crime. Stop.
A really criminal birthday party at 15:00,
On 13th July in my office!
The crime must be solved before 18:00.
Please come unnoticed!
Yo ur Li sa

Draw a magnifying glass around the text

Tell the story

The thief Nixwieweg is quite nice but he has really gone over the top this time! He has been hanging about in the village for weeks now. Aren’t YOU missing something? He has stolen my favourite pair of pyjamas from the washing line!! I really want them back again!!!

Will you help me?

We will have to carry out a little training program so that you are well prepared. I have already prepared some detective badges:" The tests which have been carried out successfully can be filled out on the back of the badge and stamped. Tie a piece of string at one end of the badge so that it can be worn around the neck.

Detective games

  1. Spiders web or laser light

    You need 6-8m of wool per child; at one end is the name of a guest and at the other end is a little gift. Stretch the wool out in the room and cross it over etc. You might want to attach bell which is not allowed to ring. Everyone must cross the room from the door to the shelf. The little sack with a gift in it is waiting on the shelf.

    Where is the thimble

    Everyone leaves the room apart from one. He places the thimble somewhere in the room. Everyone comes in again. Anyone who sees the thimble sits down. The last person to spot it places it in a new position.

  2. Alarm clock search

    Someone hides a ticking alarm clock and the others must find it.

  3. Pantomime

    Shovelling snow, shutting the door, skiing, having stomach ache, riding, riding a bike, playing the flute, hammering a nail and hitting your thumb, a penguin, a monkey, a pop star

  4. Guess the taste

    You will need a bucket to spit out the sour gherkins, whipped cream, popcorn, potatoes, sausage, nut, salad leaves, sugar, olives, milk, lemon juice, salt sticks, bread, ice-cream, rice.

  5. Guess the smell

    Resin, cheese, grass/hay, oil/petrol, peppermint, camomile, chocolate, sawdust, earth, cow pat, toothpaste, cinnamon.

  6. Standing still

    Everyone stands still and a blindfolded player feels another player to find out the identity.

  7. Little heaps

    You should have one cushion less than the number of children. When the music stops everyone must find a cushion. Anyone who does not find a cushion must touch one, or sit on a child’s knee who has one.

  8. Bottle transport

    Several empty plastic bottles (for safety reasons!) are spread out in the room. Now the players must collect together as many bottles as possible in the given time (stopwatch). However: without using their hands! The winner is the person who collects the most bottles.

  9. Spoon game

    All players sit on the ground in a circle. There are some spoons in the middle (one less than the number of players) all on a heap. Everyone places their hands behind their backs. The game leader starts by telling a impromptu story, e.g. "The Knife family is sitting in a Chinese Restaurant ...". Every time the word "spoon" is mentioned, each player must try to collect a spoon. The player without the spoon continues the story. If you want a bit more action in the game you can seat the players on a line and place the spoons approx. 4 - 5 meters away.

  10. Scream game

    For 10 to 50 players aged 5-60 years. The players are split into two equal sized teams. The groups stand in rows opposite each other. One group now chooses a listener who is placed behind the opposing team. The group thinks up a word together which they want to shout to their listener. On the start signal one team starts shouting the word at their listener. The other team tries to stop him hearing the word by screaming as loudly as possible. This goes on as long as it takes for the listener to understand the word and give the game leader a signal. The teams then swap roles. The game can be repeated until everyone is tired or hoarse.

Continue the story

The detective bureau „The Eye” has been employed. They have already found out a lot. They left me this report:

Description of the suspect

  • Brown, curly, chin-length hair
  • A fat belly
  • A full beard
  • Glasses
  • An old scruffy jacket

„Can you draw a picture of the suspect? Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take over the forensic evidence. Please accept this job.”

The crime scene

The laundry room (scene of the crime) is cordoned off with a band. You will find:

  • A button
  • Hair
  • Footprints
  • An open window with the curtains askew
  • A beer bottle with finger prints

Collect the evidence and ensure that the finger prints are taken, „but not like the first time ever with the inspectors 100 years ago sawing part of the door out to take the fingerprints!”

On the trail

  • Real footprints or footprints cut from paper lead to grandma’s car. A box of porridge is there and some tin cans have been stolen. The box of porridge is ripped open.

  • The tracks lead to the barbecue. The tin cans are piled up. Collect stones and knock the cans down. A note is under the cans:

    Syllable riddle

    Develop a syllable riddle which leads to a car registration number.

    S picture of a sun with letters 2, 3, 4, 5 crossed out
    TA picture of a car with letters 3 & 1 crossed out
    F fish – 1st letter only
    M picture of a moon with letters 2, 3 & 4 crossed out.
    5 2 + 3  
    4 6 - 2  

    (Result: = My registration number.)

  • There is a note under the tyre. Secure the car and pull it with a rope. What, you have really managed to find this note?? You are better than I thought. Yes well, you will never solve the next riddle!

  • Which one is the odd one out?

    • Elephant - Hippo - Ant - Lion - Zebra - Giraffe
    • Table - Stool - Fork - Spoon - Knife - Slug
    • Dog, strawberry, olive, pork chop, chocolate
    • Iron - Egg– Sleeves – preserve jar – Eiffel tower
    • Tiger - Leopard - cheetah – Lion - Coati
    • Eagle - Robin - Goldfish – Budgie – Sparrow
    • Polar bear – arctic hare – seal - Penguin - Elephant
    • Lemonade – Beet – Milk – Juice – Water
  • There is a plan of the area in the trailer which has been cut into a puzzle and hidden. The location of the treasure is marked with a cross.

  • Around the suitcase is a mine field of crackers. The chest is secured with several chains and lots of locks.

Flagpole note:

I am large – and easy to see,
But do not have to go to school.
I am always outside day and night,
In the rain, snow and when the sun shines.
I am thin, not fat,
I am blue and white
And? Do you know what I am?
I look particularly nice on a Sunday,
When you will see my flag!

There are lots of keys hanging on the flag pole.
Not only the things which the thief stole are found in the treasure chest, but also a teddy bear from each participant!

At the stations we find different items on the way:

  • The jacket matching the button
  • The wig which the hair came from
  • Rubber gloves for the finger prints
  • A cushion to make the fat belly
  • A shaving kit for the beard

Therefore the thief looks very different now!

Further ideas for a children’s birthday party

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