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Chaos Game

The chaos game was sent to in March 2004 by Marc from the DJK Eintracht Stadtlohn children’s and youth’s holiday camp in Hönningen a.d.Ahr in Germany ( ). It is the well-known chaos game which is known in different variations.

Aim of the game:

The aim of the game is to make your way through the game spaces with a dice using luck and intelligence. Each space represents a certain task which should be performed.


  • Game plan with 80 spaces
  • One playing stone per group
  • 1 large die
  • 80 number notes (from 1 to 80 and with code words)
  • Game instructions (on the game plan)
  • A Jury (for handing out the materials)
  • One referee per group
  • Game card for each group


  • The sheets with numbers (code words) are spread out within a limited game area while the group leader explains the game to the kids.
  • The materials required for the tasks must be ready to use and laid out on the table.
  • Mixed groups are put together and each group receives a playing stone.

Game procedure:

The first group (flip a coin ) starts by rolling the dice. The number of points achieved on the dice is noted down on the game card. The group must now find the task which matches the number sheet. As soon as the paper with the task has been found, the group must go to the jury (task station) with their group leader and say the codeword. If the codeword is correct, the jury notes it down and gives the group the task relating to the number. If the codeword is wrong, the group has to go on the search again. If the group leader is informed that the group has completed the task, it is noted down on the game card. The group can now return to the game play to throw again. If the task is not completed, the jury notes down that the group must go back three spaces and sends the group off on a new search for a new number. This is repeated until all groups have reached the finishing post or the time has ran out. The finishing post must be reached exactly. An higher throw is possible. However the number 80 must always be the last number and the task must be fulfilled. Only then has the game been successfully mastered.

Game plan:

The stones are moved along the board according the score on the dice (before the task is fully completed). The stones are only moved, when the group throws the dice anew. (Penalties are not incurred at this point). Once the last task has been fulfilled, the group must come back to the board to bring their stone to the finishing post.

Space No. Code Word Task Material
1 Fish Move 2 spaces forward  
2 Flower Sing the song: "Old MacDonald"  
3 CD Do a belly dance  
4 Computer Everyone does a handstand (with help)  
5 Song Move 2 spaces back  
6 Camp Get the signature of ..... Paper, pen
7 Antic Joker ! Throw again  
8 Heaven Write a poem with 20 Words Paper, pen
9 Norbert Throw at least 50 points on a dartboard Dartboard, darts
10 Mouse Name 15 youth leaders Paper, pen
11 Plant A chain of clothes (at least 15 meters.)  
12 DVD Pass on a box of matches with the nose Match box
13 Printer Move 2 spaces forward  
14 Singer Make a chain of socks  
15 London Sing the camp song Camp song words
16 Sport Which anniversary is the club celebrating...... ? S: 50 years
17 Maria Go back 2 spaces  
18 Camera Everyone keeps a table tennis ball up 10 times TT-bat and ball
19 Film Look for a stone heavier than 1 kg Scales
20 Thames Try to achieve 14 points by throwing 3 dice Dice
21 River Joker ! Throw again  
22 Hamburg Draw your group Paper, pen
23 Bear Estimate 1 minute without a watch Stop watch (+/- 10 sec.)
24 Star Which Euro note is the smallest S: The 5 Euro note
25 Sun 50 meters with a summer ski Summer ski
26 Moon Badminton relay over 50 meters. Shuttlecock
27 Jerome Look for 5 different grasses  
28 Connie Draw the youth leaders Paper, pen
29 Education Write a postcard to your Granny Paper, pen
30 Football Move 2 spaces forward  
31 Handball Piggy back relay (from ..... to .... in turn)  
32 Tent Wrap yourselves in toilet paper Toilet paper
33 Campsite Write Mississippi in mirror writing Paper, pen, mirror
34 Camp fire Go back 2 spaces  
35 Poem Write a love letter (at least 5 sentences) Paper, pen
36 Diskette Spell the word “existence” S:
37 WC How many people are taking part in the camp (incl. leaders) S:
38 Teeth Everyone clean their teeth  
39 Richard Fetch something for the jury from the kiosk  
40 Newspaper Put the puzzle together Puzzle
41 Bravo Which day of the week is (Date...........) S: Friday
42 Mountain Everyone does 5 push ups  
43 Hike Peel a potato with 10cm long piece of peel.. Potato, knife
44 Shoddy Move forward 2 spaces  
45 Sleeping bag Fill bottles with water (source is 5m away.) Empty bottles
46 Eating Feed each other pudding while blindfolded Pudding, blindfold, spoon
47 Schnitzel Go back 2 spaces  
48 Boxing Joker ! Throw again  
49 Video Potato shooting 10 meters. Potatoes, elastic
50 Television Everyone must skip rope 10 times Skipping rope
51 Bed Name all of the teams in the football premiership Paper, pen
52 Kiosk Collect the signatures from all kitchen staff Paper, pen
53 Mars Score a goal from the centre line (take turns) Football
54 Venus What are the 4 Teletubbies called? A:Tini-Winki, Lala, Dipsi, Po
55 Pastor What can a Saturday never be? S: Sunday, Monday.....
56 Disco Roman chariot race (10 m.)  
57 Dancing Tie your boot laces together in a chain  
58 Fashion show What is the capital of Florida? S: Tallahassee
59 Swimming One of you must jump in the river  
60 Euro When is the Euro’s birthday? S: on 01.01.
61 Christening A relay over the obstacle course  
62 Pudding Go-kart relay over 25 meters.  
63 Leader Tie 30 knots String
64 Paper Name 5 famous sights in London Paper, pen
65 Pen Style each others hair Hair gel, hair spray
66 Ball Eat 5 marshmallows without hands marshmallows
67 Dice Move 2 spaces forward  
68 Basket Make a paper plane and throw it 30 meters. Paper
69 Mirror Do the Birdie dance  
70 Skittles Find an egg..... and crack it over the leader’s head  
71 Party Everyone brings their sleeping bag and climbs in  
72 Stop watch Which codeword does No. 7 have S: Antic
73 Toilet paper Go back 3 spaces  
74 End spurt Joker ! Another throw  
75 Fast Which anniversary will (Name)..........celebrate this year A:70.Birthday & 40.Camp
76 Spurt Go back 3 spaces  
77 Slapping Make a nice trophy for the winner  
78 Hasty Colour each others hair Coloured hairspray
79 Urgent Go back 2 spaces  
80 Winners Scream and celebrate your win for as long as possible!  

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