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Rowing regatta with sound and picture

The task is to capture something with a digital camera while recording the sound on a tape. For example, a picture is taken of a cow while a “moo” is recorded on the tape. This means that a picture must accompany each sound and each sound must be accompanied by a picture.

Alternative: The group only has to record sounds. The noises are listed on a piece of paper or the group can thing up as many noises as possible. The other groups can then guess which noises have been recorded:

Anger, breathing, ouch, bleating, shouting, a moving roundabout, a stone falling into water, bike dynamo, a fist thump, fire, cackling, hooting, clattering, chirping, xylophone, gurgling, chuckling, grunting, cooing, wafting, crying, whingeing, wheezing, banging, clapping, clicking, clacking, knocking, bang, crunching, rustling, snarling, croaking, crowing, scratching, whistling, horse hooves, ping pong, Plumps, farting, quacking, squeaking, burping, sobbing, hiccuping, scream, sighing, signal tone, fried egg in a pan, squirting, washing machine, silence, booming, toilet flush, dripping, water drain, tap, waves, wailing, waving, hissing, knock together, etc.

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