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Games in the Snow

In the section of Games for the Snow, you will find a lot more games for this season. Here are just a few new games which you might want to implement for the next Snow- or Winter Olympics.

Game 1: Tire tube - Wheelbarrow race

Games in the snow
Games in the snow | ©:

Similar to the wheelbarrow race on the turf, one kid represents the cart, while the other one takes him by his legs and pushes him along. The hands of the kid, which is the cart are rested on a bike tube. This will make it possible, that the whole thing can be pushed ahead.

For safety reasons, this game should be played in a flat area. Make sure you never play it on a slope.

Game 2: Tire tube - Stagecoach Race

Attach a 5-m long cable to a tire tube. Now, 1 or 2 kids sit on the tube, while 2 more kids tow them along.

Before the game begins, make sure you mark the track for the Stagecoach Race. This could be straight, with obstacles or implemented bends. The fastest team wins the race.

Game 3: Snowboards race

Depending on how much snowboards are available, you can create an individual or a team race. As soon as the everybody is strapped into their snowboards, the game can get underway. The fastest snowboarder wins. Ideal but at the same time a bit harder is racing in deep snow. There the snow shoes and -boards are really come to use.

Games in the snow
Games in the snow | ©:

Game 4: 3-Skiing

The famous dry ski race on the grass, here, however in the snow. You will need specially prepared boards with 3 loops attached, one each for the three candidates. As soon as they are strapped in the race can begin. Together they have to cover a certain distance.

For safety reasons, make sure this is played on a flat area and under no circumstances play this on a slope or icy surface.

More ideas for playing in the snow you will find in the section ski holiday with your youth group.

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