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Living room game ideas

The following ideas are suitable for the living room. Of course, once this corona crisis is over and group lessons are possible again, these are great game ideas for a game evening in the group room or any party.

Betting games for the living room

Living room game: Banana oranges rally
Living room game: Banana oranges rally

Banana oranges rally

A banana is attached to the waistband with a cord and dangles about 10 cm above the ground. The orange lying on the ground must be played into a goal, beginning at the starting line. Which candidate is the most skilled?

Tubes/shish kebab toss

In this competition, about 30 cm long sticks (shish kebab skewers, plastic tubes, thin straight twigs, bamboo sticks) must be thrown into high water glasses (beer glass height) from one meter.

Clipboard Contest

Two players each get a "clipboard" or a sturdy cardboard lid. Starting from the starting line, both players must pass a ball using only the clipboard. Slowly approaching the target, they must shoot the ball into a paper basket that is standing five meters away. The paper ball must not fall on the ground — otherwise, start again from the starting line, or it is the next team's turn.

Alternative: instead of a clipboard and a ball of paper, you can also use a TT bat and a TT ball.

The paper airplane hits the target

First, each team builds ten paper airplanes. Then the paper planes are shot from a starting line into a target. A point is awarded if the paper airplane lands in the target (e.g., on a table). The target can also be a tire hanging from the ceiling. Or you can use masking tape to stretch a passage between the door frames through which the paper airplane is supposed to fly.

Blow a plastic cup with a balloon

Blow a plastic cup through a course with the help of a balloon. In the process, the balloon is inflated. The evasive air now blows the plastic cup through an obstacle course on the smooth table.

Soap bubbles

For this game, each player is given soap bubbles. Now he must create a soap bubble and then blow this bubble from the starting line into a target (e.g., through a ring).

Scoring: time is measured.

Fork bowling

A fork is fixed on the floor with tape. The tines point in the direction of the starting line. From the starting line, the contestant must roll a coin in the direction of the fork. The objective is for the coin to stop precisely in one of the forks.

Sorting the Smarties

For this game, you need colorful smarties (or similar) in five assorted colors, each about ten smarties in the same color. All the smarties are in a jar. You take one Smartie each in your hand and sort it into a pot provided for this purpose. Which candidate succeeds the fastest?

Variation: Smarties are emptied on the table. The sorting jars stand in a circle at the edge of the table. The important thing is that only one Smartie may be taken at a time and sorted.

Easter eggs can also be used instead of Smarties, gummy bears, or different colored sweets.  

More ideas in times of Corona

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