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Games with distance

Even until late 2021, the dangers of the Corona pandemic are ever-present. One of the most important rules for avoiding infection is to "keep your distance." But how can you play games with distance?

In the warm days of summer, it is a good idea to play outside and keep your distance. Outside you can follow the distance rules easier. Here are two games that are a bit sporty, suitable for groups and very entertaining.

Tic Tac Toe on a large scale

Three crosses or circles next to each other, on top of each other or diagonally. The popular game, which only requires a sheet of paper, two pens, and two players, can also be played outdoors with simple means and even with several people. For the Tic Tac Toe field with 9 boxes, you need either chalk if the ground is asphalt or concrete or four ropes or strings. Each string needs to be about three meters long, with the help of which the 9 boxes can be represented on grass, gravel, or dirt.

Once the playing field is ready, two groups can form. Since drawing crosses or circles is tricky, clothes are used instead, for example, white for the cross and blue clothes for the circle. Both groups line up facing each other, with the field and the 9 boxes in the middle. Each group keeps a 5 m distance (or more) from the Tic Tac Toe box. A coin toss or dice is used to decide which group gets to start. The first player runs to the field and puts his piece of clothing into one of the boxes. Only when they have returned to the group does the player from the other group start running. In this way, Tic Tac Toe can even be made sporty. It also will start excited conversation because someone is sure to make a mistake when putting it down, which means an easy win for the opposing team.

Evolution with Scissors, Rock and Paper

Scissors, Rock and Paper is a world-famous game for two people. This open-air version can be played in principle with an unlimited number of players, or better, as many as can fit on the available playing field with distance.

There are no groups, but everyone plays against everyone. All participants are initially chicken eggs. Everyone squats, and now an opponent is chosen, against whom is played with distance scissors stone paper. Usually, three rounds each. The loser remains an egg and looks for another egg in a new round. The winner becomes a chicken, is allowed to stand up and flap their wings, i.e., arms. They also look for another chicken to continue playing. The loser from this game becomes an egg again and has to start all over.

On the other hand, the winner rises to become a monkey and can signal this by scratching under his arms and hopping like a chimpanzee. Their next opponent is again a monkey. The loser turns back into a chicken. However, whoever emerges from this game as the winner becomes a human being and has won. The game can stop now or be played until only two players remain.

Games with distance
Games with distance

More games with distance

If you search the game collection, you will find many more games played with distance. For example, in the game with the minefield: a candidate must run blindfolded through a playing field without touching any objects lying on the ground. The other players stand at a distance around the playing field and give instructions.

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