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Program Tip May: On the subject of bottles

An evening about games with bottles. Let's do a little brainstorming. What strikes you when you hear the word bottle?


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Games with bottles

Bottle Games
Bottle Games

In this game collection you will find about 25 games relating to bottles. For example, “Walking over bottles blindfolded”, "Shuffle bottles with your feet", or "bottle bowling". Most likely you can think of even more bottle games. I would be happy if you could send me your games.

For security reasons, please use plastic bottles whenever possible.

Thoughts on bottles

How often do we hear the expression "Don’t be a bottle," or "You bottle”. (Note: This expression only refers to the German language and means “You are a loser” or inept (incapable)). Usually that refers to someone, who thinks he is not able to fulfil a particular task. Needless to say, this negative assessment of your person annoys you. Who would want to come across like a failure or a weakling. Nobody wants to deal with a failure, therefore, there is a fear of exclusion associated with this term. Exclusion in the sense of “I do not belong any longer, I can’t do anything, I am a nobody, a loser.”

Man is a social being and can only survive in relation to others, in relation to the community. Hence the desire for "recognition", for "community" for "belonging" are of fundamental importance. No one wants to be excluded. But what if someone called me “You are a bottle", then I am (and feel) worthless, inferior to the others and that hurts.

How do I deal with this? Let’s think about that more carefully:

  1. I can do everything possible not to appear “as a bottle”. However, that might mean, doing things I am not able to or things that are downright stupid.

  2. Do I really have to do each and everything others think I should be doing? Do I have to join every clique just to be cool? Am I indeed externally controlled?

  3. How much of my life do I make depended on judgments and statements of others? Am I so dependent and externally controlled, that I can’t stand up for myself anymore? How great is my fear, to appear like a “bottle?” What are the reasons? What am I afraid of?

  4. How valuable am I and how do I feel about it? What is self-esteem? How do I gain self-confidence, how does self-esteem develop?

  5. Do I judge others sometimes to be a “bottle?” Would you like to be called a bottle? Or do you call others to be a “bottle” because you feel as such?

As you can see, there is an incredible number of (deeper) thoughts surrounding the expression “You bottle”. I wish you many interesting discussions addressing this topic with your youth group.

Learn to live your life without depending on the opinions of others. Only then you won’t be one of them, one of the other “bottles.”

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