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Typical behaviour of boys at puberty

During their puberty boys often show very similar behaviour patterns to girls. It is important to understand what hides behind those behaviours and for what fears or needs they are compensating.

Particularly striking in this context is the demonstration of power by boys. Usually, they go hand in hand with a macho behaviour. Rivalry, fighting and trials of strength with other peers seem what marks this age. Emphasize is on being cool. Having one’s emotions in check and display a behaviour as if nothing ever could shake you up. Behind all this is the search for recognition and at the same time the fear of failure, which is dubbed with the supposed coolness.

During puberty guys often compete through playful or sporting competitions. That also gives them the opportunity to feel their bodies and to develop a feeling of it. Such successes are savoured long and intensively at this stage of puberty. The teen celebrates his triumph over his opponent and draws from it his own strength. Dealing with defeats, however, is extremely hard for the teen at this age. They are accompanied by self-doubt and the fear of having lost the respect of others.

During this stage, the young people like to express their supposed superiority over their peers through status symbols. Until a few years ago one of those status symbols was the own moped or scooter. However, certain clothing, particular from well-known brands play a significant role as is money nowadays. If you can afford those particular pieces of clothing including their accessories, you are almost immediately superior to your peers. In recent years more status symbols emerged. For example, there is the now ubiquitous Smartphone. It is, needless to say, it always has to be the newest and trendiest model, as far as the teen can afford it or the parents chip in for it.

As you can see, the phase of puberty in boys is particularly about power, marked by the characteristics of freedom and acceptance. This kind of behaviour, of course, becomes more than evident in groups. Those who manage to get accepted in this group and then raise up the ranks to leadership or to “the” person typical person for this group, he will feel strong and superior. Freedom, on the other hand, is demonstrated by cutting oneself, as far as possible, off from the parents, live life independently, marked by the ability to make far-reaching decisions. It is not uncommon that a young man in this age pretends to have competencies in certain areas, which, in reality he does not have yet.

The phase of puberty in boys is also distinguished by the fact that the tolerance for frustration decreases and an aggressive behaviour takes its place. As a rule, this response can cover up their own insecurity and corresponding inhibitions. Temporarily, problems are kept at bay with this aggressive appearance.

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