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Typical behaviour of girls during puberty

While the physical changes, in boys are mostly expressed outwardly in the form of power and superiority during puberty; girls focus more on their physical features and highlight them whenever possible. Body modification is an important keyword in this phase, which generally means a very intense interest in fashion, cosmetics and beauty. However, comparison with other girls is particular important as well. The typical adolescent girl always compares herself with her girlfriends, while trying to determine which features benefit her and which features, in other girls, she is up against. This stronghold on the own body in pubescent girls can be observed in exaggerated gender stereotypes. With all available means, she tries to demonstrate that she is already a woman and no longer a child. Hence, idols play a significant role in the young girl's life. In particular celebrities, such as singers and actresses are in; but also models, who already have the recognition the growing girl desires so much.

Similar to boys, during puberty, girls as well have an intense feeling of group belonging and this is of uttermost importance. Of course, this brings with it the fear of being rejected by other members. To compensate for this fears, girls as well use status symbols such as the latest Smartphone, expensive designer cloth. Consciously they represent themselves as cool, all just to hide their real feelings and fears.

The quest for recognition and respect in girls during puberty is less through a trial of strength and superiority above others, girls hide their emotions behind provocative behaviour towards adults as well as covering up their inhibitions. Aspects of freedom and independence play, similar to in boys, an important role. They might become evident through the consumption of alcohol, smoking and other activities which they actually do not receive permission from their parents.

During puberty, their behaviour towards boys is often marked by depreciation and exclusion even though their interest in the opposite sex is already awakened. However, their own insecurity and fear of rejection are suppressed through this behaviour.

Another characteristic of girls during puberty is an interplay between independence and belonging; for example to a clique or the in-girls. Within the group, girls want to prove and demonstrate their strength and independence, for example by deliberately overstepping the line. However, there is also the risk of consumption of intoxicants or drugs. The consequences of those activities, on the other hand, are not or at least not completely comprehend by the young people.

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