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Knights role play games | Adventure game components

Knights role play games Knights role play games

Role play games can be incorporated into the knight camp for the whole length of the camp. It is important that the roles, names, stories, information and information follow-ups are all incorporated. No-one is allowed to know everything; the connections might only become clear after a certain amount of time. 2-3 members of staff spin the threads and offer assistance if the game isn’t moving along.

The kids should have the feeling that they are in the middle of a big game in which everyone plays their own role. The following components should give you inspiration to develop your own role play games. How can you develop this into further ideas? Read a few books about the heroes and knight’s sagas or take a look in the book stores for specialist books on middle ages role play games. However these are often quite gloomy and full of magic. However with a little imagination and a little less perfection expectations, they can be used for ideas.

Even if a large role play game cannot be planned, the single games, tournaments with final feast and the naming of the knight can bring them to life. Whether a market day, the search for the Holy Grail, or a fight with a dragon can be realised does not really play too much of a role. The main thing is that the kids have fun practising being a knight and that they can take part in a knight accolade ceremony.

Knights role play games Knights role play games Knights role play games Knights role play games Knights role play games

Names of knights or self-named knights

  • Masculine names:

    Dragonslayer, Red beard the Terrible, Merlin the Wizard (Arthur’s advisor), Lancelot, Knight Gawain, Sir Richard of Athlone, Prince Iron heart, Knight Chris of Glasgow, Ivanhoe, Parsifal, Tristan, Roland, Galahad, Duke Galois, King Luther, King Leonard, Mordred (Arthur’s illegitimate son), Duke Constantine of Britain, Monk Constance, Ambrosius Aurelanius, Sir Hector (Arthur’s protector), Lot von Orkney, Lothian

  • Feminine names:

    Kunigunde, Gundula, Sigrun, Kriemhild, Dietlinde, Hildegunde, Brunhilde, Leopold, Lady Guinevere, Lady Susan of York, Magician Morgan (Arthur’s half sister), Isolde, Igraine (spouse of Gorlois), Morgan le Fey (Arthur’s half sister), Rowenna, Nymphe Nimue, Morgause
    Normal names can obviously also be used.

  • Titles and social classes:

    King, Duke, Duchess, Prince, Princess, Lord, Count, Countess, Cook, Varlet, Page, Knight, Chamber maid, Jester, Lord/Lady of the castle, Margrave

Game elements for the complete camp time

  • Collecting information

    Information is built into different stories where everyone must listen carefully because the information will be needed later. Information can also be given out during the game in that some documents have to be handed over or important details are given in a conversation with the beggar or the fortune teller.

    Important information and magical objects which are required to take the next steps in the game are built in.

    • Market day
      • Beggar
      • Fortune teller
      • Vegetable seller
    • Visitors / knights who pop up during the camp or during a game
      • Travelling knight who arrives at the castle and asks to be let in
      • Druids who collect herbs in the woods
      • Highwaymen who lose a map
      • A messenger from a far-away country who brings a message
    • Stories
      • Daily subsequent stories with hidden information
      • A welcome speech with hidden information
      • Public hanging of the sovereign
    • Games: Terrain and station games
      • Collect points and information from Merlin the wizard
      • Solve a puzzle
      • Complete different tasks which are rewarded with a piece of information, puzzle piece, card
      • etc.
  • Points and judging

    Whoever wants to an accolade as a knight must go through lots of tests and must study hard. Not everyone became a knight. Only the person, who has collected the most points during the whole camp, will be knighted. The manners of a knight are judged (readiness to help, friendliness, honesty…), his courage, intelligence and dexterity during the games and tournaments. The quality of his armour, weapons, the coat of arms and his family tree (“his ancestors and legends”) can also be judged.

    In short: The whole camp can be incorporated into a game “life in the middle ages”.

  • Market day

    • Everyone receives the same starting sum of a few gold/silver pieces
    • Everyone can earn money with various offers.
      • Solve tasks and these are rewarded with money or provisions
      • Search for things in the woods (berries, herbs) and then trade them in for provisions or money.
      • Perform a handwork job and sell your produce/service
    • Things can be bought at different market stalls.
      • Fruit
      • Vegetables
      • Warm meals
      • Drinks
      • Leather, material, wood
    • There are also fortune tellers, beggars, jugglers and musicians
    • Everyone must give a tenth of their earnings to the taxman.
    • The guards watch over market business. Criminals, cheats and profiteers land in jail.

Knight’s tournament and competitions

In the tournament and competitions, strength, dexterity and courage are measured.

  1. Terrain games

    Knights role play games

    The different outdoor adventure games can all be played separately but if all are put together, they make up a large game. Different elements are built into this game:

  2. The capture of the knight’s castle.

    A piece of gold treasure must be found. Pieces of gold are needed everywhere. For example, on market day in order to buy important information, to pay any ransoms and, and…. The group might even have the secret task of using the royal seal or coat of arms in order to transmit phoney messages.

  3. The magic sword - Excalibur.

    Merlin the wizard tells us about Excalibur the magic sword. Who can find the sword and will become king? This game is made into a searching game where different stations and people must be found. Once all tasks, pointers and plans have been located, the magic sword can be found.

  4. The search for the Holy Grail.

    Who will find the clue to where the Holy Grail can be found? The game is made into a station game where different tasks must be performed and letters which form a clue are handed out.

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