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Games involving eggs

Games with eggs: Egg rolling
Games with eggs: Egg rolling

Indeed, all the games listed below can also be played with a TT ball or a tennis ball. However, playing with eggs presents players with a whole new set of challenges. An egg just does not roll in the desired direction the way a tennis ball does. You must be much more careful with an egg than with a ping-pong ball. Therefore, skill and caution are required.

It is worthwhile to consider playing a few egg games - perhaps just in time for Easter. If you think games with food are out of the question, just use a TT ball or the like. For all games applies one thing: only play what you can and what you want to be responsible for. Alternatively, of course, you can also use enough stuffing eggs.

However, even with hard-boiled eggs, you can play many games, and if an egg should break, it does not matter because then the kids can eat it with some salt and a loaf of bread.

Games with eggs

  1. Egg rolling 1

    An egg is pushed from a starting line to a target 2 meters away. The closer the egg comes to the center of the target, the more points it scores.

  2. Egg rolling 2

    Instead of just letting an egg roll into a target, the task is to make the egg roll as far as possible. Unfortunately, since the egg will not roll in a straight line, the game stays exciting and depends on who develops the best rolling technique.

  3. Egg boule

    This task is like egg rolling. Now each player tries to get his egg roll as close as possible to a ball. You can try to shoot away your opponent's eggs. The winner is the player/team that has the most eggs closest to the target.

  4. Egg blowing

    With your mouth, you need to blow the egg through a course. The game is timed and requires some puffing. Unfortunately, the egg does not always roll in the desired direction either. Variation: instead of blowing, the other player can guide the egg through the course with the tip of his nose.

  5. Egg bowling

    Small cones are placed at 2-3 meters. From a starting line, everyone can roll their egg towards the cones like a bowling ball. Whoever manages to clear all the cones with one shot wins.

  6. Egg run

    The classic game. An egg is placed on a spoon. An obstacle course or a relay race must be completed without the egg dropping. If it falls, it must be put back on the spoon or return to the starting point and try again with a new egg.

    Variation: the spoon is not held in the hand but in the mouth.

  7. 2 persons transport an egg with a towel.
    Egg relay: 2 persons transport an egg with a towel.

    Egg relay

    2 persons transport an egg with a towel. At the finish line, it is put into a basket. However, the egg must not be touched. All eggs that finished the course from the starting point to the finish are counted and timed. Broken or damaged eggs do not count.

    Variation: the eggs can also be passed from towel to towel in a relay race.

  8. Egg blowing

    Blown out eggs are needed to make egg mobiles. Turn the task into a game. Each player gets a raw egg, a needle, and a cup. On command, the egg must now be blown out. Scrambled eggs can be made with the egg yolk.

  9. Catching eggs with the egg carton

    One player holds an egg carton in both hands. Another player throws an egg from a distance of 2 meters. The catcher tries to catch the egg with the egg carton without it falling to the ground.

    Variation: instead of catching with an egg carton, the catcher can also tie an apron around himself and try to catch the eggs that way.

  10. Egg drop

    The group is given the task of dropping an egg out of a window from a height of 5 meters. It must not break on impact. Each group is assigned a newspaper, scotch tape or string, and 15 plastic tubes. They have 10-15 minutes to think of a way to safely embed the egg.

  11. Egg breaking

    The most popular game at the breakfast table at Easter. Each player gets a hard-boiled egg. The egg is then hit against the tip of a fellow player's egg. Whoever's egg remains intact chooses the next opponent. Who wins the egg fight?

  12. Holding eggs

    Who can hold the most eggs in one hand? Who can transport the most eggs from A to B with one hand by walking back and forth 3 times? Broken eggs do not count.

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