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Scooter Games

Scooter game: transport water through an obstacle course
Scooter game: transport water through an obstacle course

In years past, almost every child had a scooter. That was followed by a time were scooters where merely old fashioned. However, times have changed once again, and many kids have a scooter again. Scooters offer themselves excellently for any kind of great games.

Having said that, scooter games can be a great challenge for adults as well. However, the chances are that the kids will beat them at every turn. How about having a kid compete against an adult?

Scooter games are suitable as betting games, skill games, as a relay game, or for station games.

Depending on the game you want to play, you will need 1 – 2 scooters. For other games, it would be great if there was a scooter for each child. However, for most games, 4 – 6 scooters will be enough. Make sure the scooters you are using are sturdy and stable; if possible with a pneumatic tire.

For safety reasons, children should be wearing a helmet as well as knee and elbow pads. This safety equipment can be used for other games just as well.

Scooter games promote the following skills

  • Gross and fine motor
  • Assessing speed
  • Coordination of movemen
  • t Balance and
  • Dexterity

At the same time, scooter games will strengthen the leg muscles, depending on speed and terrain.

Scooter race
Scooter race | ©:

  1. Suitable scooter games

    Some of the following scooter games can be combined. It all depends on the age and experience of the children. Adjust the level of difficulty to the age and skills of the children.

  2. Scooter taxi

    Select one kid, which rides the scooter, and one kid is the passenger, which has to be transported from A – B as fast as possible. Which team is the fastest? Variation: Which group can transport more passengers in one tour?

  3. Scooter towing

    One scooter tows another scooter. The rope is attached to the first rider while the kid on the second scooter has to hold on to the rope.

  4. Slalom course

    Stack out a slalom course which the scooter has to go through. On the other side, the scooter is handed over to the next kid.

  5. Water Transport

    Similar to a relay course. One bucket full of water has to be transported from the starting to the finishing line. Which group has more water left at the end?

  6. Obstacle course

    Build an obstacle course. Use different obstacles. Like going underneath, riding around, have a ramp, a pole, a seesaw, etc. Each obstacle has to be mastered with a scooter.

  7. Races

    Depending on how many scooters you have available. You can either take the time of each kid or race more scooters at once. Depending on difficulty and terrain, all kids need to be equipped with helmets and knee- and elbow pads.

  8. Scooter struggle

    This game is similar to the piggyback fight. Each rider gets a piece of rope put into his trousers and a paper hat. The objective is, to steal each other’s hat and rope. It is important that the scooter is continuously moving and one foot has to remain on the scooter. Stopping the other rider is not allowed.

  9. Transport trip

    A medicine ball or empty crate is placed on the scooter, behind the rider. The objective is to get the luggage from A – B without losing it. If the container falls down, the rider has to go back to the beginning and start all over again.

  10. Goal shooting

    Use the scooter for the run-up and then in the right moment, use the momentum to kick a football at a goal, appx. 5 m away. Each team member has 1-2 attempts. How many goals will the group achieve

  11. Jousting

    Each rider receives a lance. The objective is to use the lance to knock an object off a pedestal or burst a balloon. This game requires quite some skills.

  12. Head Balance

    Have a rubber ring on your head and transport it from A – B, then hand it over to the next person. If the ring falls down, the kid has to return to the start and do it all over again.

  13. James Bond

    The scooter rider receives a water pistol. The objective is to ride past a candle on the table and extinguish the candle. As an alternative, you could use matchboxes or have a Lego brick wall, which has to be knocked over with the water pistol.

  14. Scooter football

    Depending on the number of scooters you can try to get a football into the opponent's goal. The rules of the game can be varied. However, the scooter has to be moving, and one foot has to remain on the scooter at all times.

slalom course with the scooter
Cover a slalom course with the scooter, then hand it over to the next person on the other side.

  1. Slalom course

    Cover a slalom course with the scooter, then hand it over to the next person on the other side.

  2. Catch or escape

    This game can only be played if there is a reasonable amount of scooters available. 2 teams face each other 7 meters distance. The game master throws a coin. According to instructions the right or left group begins. That’s the group which has to do anything to escape. If an escapee gets caught, he belongs to the catching group.

    For this game, you need a vast terrain because the escapees need a 20 m head start.

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