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5 short crime puzzles and mini crime stories

short crime puzzles and mini crime stories for young detectives

You need a short crime puzzle for a quiz or station play? Here you can find 5 short crime stories for young detectives.

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The short crime puzzles and crime stories which are presented here come from the Deike Publishers in Germany (
The copyright belongs to Deike Verlag. Publicising and copying is only possible with the expressed permission of the publisher. Please ask about the conditions.

Crime story: The thief of Amsterdam Crime riddle: Robbery in St. Patrick’s church Crime riddle: Opportunity makes a thief Crime story: An (almost) perfect plan Crime story: Nightly disturbances

The thief of Amsterdam

Criminal commissioner van Damin from the Amsterdam break-in squad nodded at Inspector De Ruijter encouragingly: „So, what was up in the gallery?" The inspector pulled the notebook from his pocket, flipped it open and started to report: „The forensics department has confirmed that the break in must have happened between midnight and 1.00am. In addition, we have tracked down a woman who saw torch lights moving around in the gallery rooms at the said time. She lives directly opposite!" Commissioner van Damin wrinkled his forehead: „Why didn’t she inform the police? That would have been the sensible thing to do." Van Damin agreed: „In theory, yes Mr Commissioner, but the woman has only been living there for around four weeks and thought that she had seen a routine check by the night watchman. At least, this is what she told us. Well, we have also found out that the thief came over the roof and left the gallery through a cellar window. He broke all of the internal doors in the gallery with a car jack. He took two paintings by Büffet and a collection of valuable coins. According to director De Cron, the value is around 200.000 Gilder." Van Damin threw his pen on the table annoyed and his voice was threatening: „I’ll bet my car against a rotten gold tooth that our good old friend Boris Lutrinck is behind this. Roof, cellar window, jacked doors; that all points towards him. Has the media already been informed?"

Inspector De Ruijter shook his head: „The gallery director asked me, not to involve the press at this point. In other words: nobody knows about the whole thing except us!" „Ok good, De Ruijter, why don’t you bring Boris Lutrinck here!" Almost three hours later they had him. Inspector De Ruijter pushed the heavily protesting Lutrinck into Commissioner van Damins’ room. He announced himself with a joyful wink: „Here, Chief, you’ve got a visitor. He was sitting peacefully and innocently in Cafe Strooten and was minding his own business."

„Yeah right, Mr Commissioner, that’s it! - Peaceful and innocent indeed. What have you got against me? This. . ." he made a contemptuous hand movement . . . „this policeman always makes out as if he has a massive secret..." The commissioner grinned and presented the stool with a friendly gesture.

„Take a seat, Boris..."
„I don’t want to!"
„You can’t listen very well standing up!"
„I don’t want to listen. I want to go!"
„Sit down!!" This invitation was not at all friendly.
„See, why can’t you sit down first time?!" Commissioner van Damin smiled once again.
„Maybe we’ll find out that you are completely innocent, dear Boris. What will we do then? We’ll apologise and let you go!"
„I should hope so!" sniffled the bald-headed man confidently and squinted at the commissioner with half open eyes. „What’s wrong then? Maybe I can give you a tip..."

The commissioner held his head in sympathy. Then he wandered over to Inspector De Ruijter: „Did you hear that, De Ruijter? Boris wants to know what’s up. . . he even wants to give us a tip..."

De Ruijter nodded and joined in, in the same tone: „Then Boris Lutrinck must know more than we think. Chief, it seems to be our lucky day!" Boris Lutrinck lifted up both arms and defended himself: „I did not say that I knew anything ... you’re throwing words into my mouth... I don’t know anything . . . nothing at all. When your strange break in happened, I was playing cards with friends. We were in and then we went back to mine and played from 23.00 until just after 1.00am. It couldn’t have been me." The commissioner nodded: „And I was so sure that we had the right one."
Lutrinck shook his head and said: „You’re only human." The commissioner then said: „For this reason, I am going to offer you a nice warm cell." Lutrinck shot out of his seat: „You want to arrest me?" he stammered. Van Damin nodded, almost with a little pity. „There are always enough stupid criminals."

Which fateful mistake did Boris Lutrinck make?

The solution...

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