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5 short crime riddles and mini crime stories

short crime riddles and mini crime stories for young detectives

You need a short crime story for a quiz or station play? Here you can find 5 short crime stories for young detectives.

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The short crime riddles and crime stories which are presented here come from the Deike Publishers in Germany (
The copyright belongs to Deike Verlag. Publicising and copying is only possible with the expressed permission of the publisher. Please ask about the conditions.

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Nightly disturbances

Oswald Gerber is drowsily awoken. The telephone is ringing again. Before he climbs out of bed, he throws a quick glance at the clock: 4.00 in the morning. The last time the telephone rang was a little after 3.00. He furiously stomps through the flat and snatches the telephone receiver. „Gerber!" he shouts annoyed into the receiver. „And once you have cleaned the chicken . . ." Oswald Gerber throws the telephone down in a rage. His face is red which is due to the extreme amount of anger which is flowing through his veins. Six hours later he is sitting opposite Criminal Inspector Hoyer who makes a short conclusion of what he has heard: „You have been called regularly for the last three nights. After you have answered the phone, a voice recites cooking recipes."

Gerber interrupts. „Only the one recipe, Mr Inspector. The one with the…” he swallows before he can finish the sentence… “chicken”. The inspector nods. „You cannot stand chicken." Gerber shudders. „I feel sick if someone just talks about it." „I understand — who knows about this?" „No-one Mr Inspector, that is to say, I did tell my colleagues in the finance office about it years ago. However it is a mystery how a telephone-service is on the line when I pick up the phone." The inspector looks at Gerber questioningly: „Are you sure that it is an official service?"
„Yes, yesterday I dialled the number of the recipe line myself. It was the same text and the same voice. Only the quality of the sound was better."
„How long have you had a telephone connection?"
„It is exactly one week today."
„Your colleagues know about this?" Inspector Hoyer guessed and Gerber nodded in agreement.
„Do you believe that your colleagues have something to do with this?"
„I don’t know, Mr Inspector. When I told them about the call after the first night, they laughed mockingly!" On the same afternoon Inspector Hoyer called in three of Gerber’s co-workers. Here are the statements of the three colleagues.

Yes, I know that Gerber has recently bought a telephone. No, we are exactly friends . . . The thing with the chicken? I can’t really remember that. I sleep like a log at night time - no, I certainly wouldn’t dally on down to the telephone box at night for Gerber’s sake.

I am always in favour of a joke, Mr Inspector. I remember that Gerber once told us about his chicken phobia. . Yes, I have a telephone. That’s right. I often made a few telephone jokes in the past, but we all have to grow up sometime.

No, Mr Inspector, I don’t own a telephone. If you ask me like that: I can’t really stand Gerber . . . What do I say about the phone calls? . . . No, it’s probably just a figment of Gerber’s imagination. Is there really a telephone service for cooking recipes?

After this questioning, the Inspector was sure that one of these three colleagues was the secret night time caller. As he confronted the culprit with his findings, he admitted straight away that he had been the offending caller.

Question: Who was the nightly disturbance?

The solution...

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