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5 short crime riddles and mini crime stories

short crime riddles and mini crime stories for young detectives

You need a short crime puzzle for a quiz or station play? Here you can find 5 short crime stories for young detectives.

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Crime story: The thief of Amsterdam Crime riddle: Robbery in St. Patrick’s church Crime riddle: Opportunity makes a thief Crime story: An (almost) perfect plan Crime story: Nightly disturbances

Robbery in St. Patrick’s church

In the night between Sunday and Monday, unknown thieves stole two 14th century holy figures from the St. Patrick’s church. These items were masterpieces with a priceless value. The church thieves were observed by a woman as they left the church through a small window on the poorly lit east side of the church and got into a get-away car. The woman, who does not own a telephone herself, ran to the telephone box on the corner of Marvel-Dollin-Street in her nightgown and informed the police. Due to a mistake the information was not processed and Inspector Mulligan arrived at the church in White Square at 4.30 which was 2 hours after the robbery. There is no trace of the robbers since. Due to the fact that the figures cannot be sold on, the police assume that the figures were stolen for a private collector.


Here is the report from the FIRST OBSERVER. Three hours after the newspaper was printed, a certain Lionel Hamilton allowed himself the opportunity to turn up in front of John Mander, the local journalist of the „Observer". „Please take a seat, Mr Hamilton!" Mander tried to suss out the man. He looks like a London banker, he thought.

The visitor began to speak: „Let’s make it quick. The two stolen figures are in my possession and I would like to sell them . . ." Before the surprised Mander could respond, the visitor carried on: „Obviously you now can now hand me over to the police, but then the figures will not come back. I have hidden them well. I estimate their value to be around one million pounds. Write in your newspaper that I would happy with 50 000 pounds. I only want to deal with you. Fifty thousand – not a penny more and not a penny less. "Mander didn’t know whether he should smile or swear: The man didn’t really look like a story teller.

He carefully said: „Good, that is your version. How can I be sure that you are really the thief?" Hamilton shook his head. „I am not the thief. I ordered the thieves to steal the figures and now I am the owner, Sir. My men allowed themselves to be locked into the church in order to be able to demount the figures without any disturbances. I am the rightful owner of these wonderful holy statues since 1.30 this morning. If it doesn’t work with my fifty thousand I will still be the owner of the figures." Mander remained silent for a few moments and then he said: „Wait a couple of minutes, I will go and speak with the boss. Maybe we can solve this business ourselves." Hamilton nodded; Mander left the room.

He came back 15 minutes later and was accompanied by a man. He introduced „Inspector Mulligan!" and Mulligan said to Hamilton: „Laying false leads also has to be learned — and that is an offence. We will have to talk more about that later. Anyway, the thieves and figures were caught one hour ago."

Key question to all detectives: John Mander knew that Hamilton’s story was a lie due to one part. What was wrong with his story?

The solution...

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