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Game of life

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Strokes of fate

Accident, inheritance, lottery win, death, history, illness, robbery, death of a relative, flood, catastrophe, house fire


  • While you painted the gable you fell from the ladder
  • You did not die but after the accident you are paraplegic
  • The whole world collapses around you and you have to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.
  • The group has to tie their feed or hands together. They have to stay in this position for the rest of the game.


  • You get a mail from the notary; your great aunt Isolde has died.
  • You are very happy because you inherit a big sum.
  • But you get the check for 500.000€ under one condition; you have to do something good for the summer camp staff.
  • Surprise the staff and be creative. (Write a song or a poem) The check can be redeemed at the kiosk. You get 2€. (Buy something)


Because of incessant rain, your home is in danger. A river has already broken its banks. You have to act!

  • You have to stack as many sacks as possible. Construct a wall. (5-7 minutes)


After a routine examination it emerges that your wife/husband has cancer. You spend your time with visits to doctors and chemotherapy. Although you do not have cancer it is a hard time for you, too. You help your partner to get through this time. Your wife/husband is not able to do all things on his/her own. The doctor is very engaged and takes care of your wife/husband. You are very thankful for his support in this exhausting time.

  • Think about a way to express your thanks to the doctor.


You go on holiday! It is your first trip for years and you enjoy the time with your family. On one evening you go along the beach in the direction of the hotel when four figures suddenly appear. The four people knock you out and take away your car keys, your holiday money and your identity papers. You stupidly had everything with you. Now you have no car, no money and you can not identify yourself. Without speaking the language it is very difficult to get help from the police department.

  • For the rest of this game you have to communicate in sign language. You are not allowed to speak with anybody.

Last Part: The death

Needed employees

  • 2 x The Reaper: The gloomy outfit, black habit, white face
  • 3 x Messengers: Normal outfit, discrete
  • A spiritual welfare team: Three employees who are in the “room of silence” have conversations with those kids who want talk. They should take care of the kids.

The rooms

Graveyard in the forest Dark and authentic, with crucifixes on the ground, two burning torches and a fog machine.

Room of silence The decoration is simple (candles), there has to be absolute silence except for gentle music. The teens can think about things and assimilate the experiences the have made.

Course of events

All groups stay in the senior citizen’s home until the messengers come to them and bring them to the grim reaper.

In messengers seriously explain that the group is “dead” and that they must go to the last station; the death.

The grim reaper welcomes you. (Serious manner, sparing with words) He just asks you for your group number and says something like “I see you have achieved a lot, come with me.”

  • The reaper guides the group to the cemetery and explains them that they have to construct their own crucifix for their grave. (There are slats with a width of 1 m and 50 cm)

After your work

The reaper explains you that you can not take the material things with you. Nail them to the crucifix.

Have a look at the grave. There is a life after death!

The reaper guides you to the room of silence where he says “there is absolute silence in the silent room” and where the game ends.

Possible finish:

The group no longer has to stay together. Everyone can personally think about the things they have experienced for as long as they like. Members of staff are available in the tent to speak to if the players want. A final discussion group would also be possible with the members of staff and the respective group.

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