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Game of life

Station 1-3 | Station 4-12 | Station 13-20 | Station 21-31 | Stroke of fate and last Station

This is an intensively developed game which can be played the whole day long. It has been prepared, illustrated and completed for a presentation in the internet. You need good preparation and coordination, to carry out the game. In about thirty life situations, you have to make decisions that influence your development. Each decision you make has a positive or negative consequence for the next station. And what happens at the end of the game? The meaning of the game is deeper then it seems!

The game stations contain many good ideas so it is also worth reading the several steps, even if you do not want, or cannot, play the game according to the rules. In addition, you should read these rules a few times to be able to explain the game correctly.

Explanation for teenagers

In contrast to the other games we have played in past, this game is totally different.

This game gives you the chance to go through a whole life in one day. A team of five people represent one person. At each station you are confronted with different life situations, where you have to make a decision. To make the decisions easier, you should make up the teams with just males or just females. It is important to know that all your decisions have consequences for your “life”.

It is not the intention of the game to get through it as possible. It is more about thinking about the decisions you make and why you are making them. You should talk with your group about these decisions.

After each short conversation, you go to the next station. A staff member guides you. Although the game has no time-limit, you can get points. After each decision you have to solve a task. For each decision you make you get points too. There are two different categories for what you can receive points; career and your social relationships with other people.

Do not worry, although the game takes longer as other games, you will not starve. There is one station that includes a meal. I promise!

Unfortunately only three groups are allowed to start straight away. To keep the stress levels in the teams down, one member has to take a card. On this card you can read information about the time your group starts and the station on which you will begin.

Every fifteen minutes, three other groups follow. Please be punctual, because we want to avoid any delay. But do not worry, we will shout out your teams too. No team will be forgotten.

Please listen to the instructions of the guiders at each station, because it the only way to avoid congestion.


  • After breakfast: explain the game in the community tent (from 9.15 – till 9.30)

  • After the explanation of the game you organise the groups. Form groups that include 4-5 people of the same sex.

  • 2 staff members stand at the start; the others position themselves at the other stations

  • Every group pulls a card. On each card you find your group number and the time your team is allowed to start. You are divided into the following categories:

    • Comprehensive school (station 1)
    • Grammar school (station 2)
    • Independent school (station 3)

30 stations for the game of life

Stations of the game and their explanations

Main part: Youth

Station 1-3

Comprehensive school (station1), grammar school (station 2), independent school (station 3)

Situation: School

  • An average pupil (he has to learn to get good grades)
  • Is invited to a party by a good friend
  • Writes an important test in maths the next day

What is your decision?

  • A: Are you going to go to the party?
  • B: Are you going to revise?

  • Answer A: The group gets a lolly and streamer and goes to station 4
  • Answer B: The group has to work out a sum and after that they go to station 5

Go to the next stations of your life: next Stations

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