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Stone Age | Games and Competitions

Stone age station game
  1. Stone jumping

    There are different versions of this game. Please be aware of injury dangers:

    a) The task is to jump from one stone to the next without touching the ground.

    b) The task is to jump over a stone.

    c) The task is to jump into a ring of stones and into the next one without touching the stones.

  2. Stone age boules

    Each child looks for 1-2 round stones. The best stones are pebbles or small stones from the river bed. A small stones is thrown. Now everyone tries to get as close as possible to the small stone by rolling or throwing their 1-2 stones.

  3. Moving stones

    A total of 16 different stones from the natural surroundings are spread out in four rows to make a square. Once the stones have been studied, two stones are swapped. Can the players recognise which stones have changed place?

  4. Stone shot putt

    Who can throw a specific stones the furthest? Make sure that no-one is standing in the way. The distance is measured with a tape measure.

  1. Club fight

    Club fight

    2 fighters fight against each other with a thick foam padded club. Both players stand on a crate or on a tree stump at a distance of approx. 1.5 m from each other. Who can knock their opponent off their pedestal first?

  2. Dinosaur race

    With flippers on their feet, or whilst wearing Wellington boots which are too big, and while carrying a filled sack, the dinosaur must run through an obstacle course. The sack is attached with a rope to the hips and cannot be touched with the hands.

  3. Dinosaur hunt

    One half of the group are the hunters and the other half are the dinos. How long will they need to tag all of the dinos? After one round, the roles are swapped.

  4. Dinosaur search

    In a ball of straw or in a haystack, 5-6 dinosaur eggs are hidden (darning egg, tennis ball). How long will the group need to find all of the eggs?

  5. Flipping stones

    Everyone chooses 5 stones (similar size and weight). Who can throw the stone closest to a wall?

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