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Stone Age – No Fast Food

Stone Age Food

The people of the Stone Age lived in nature and from nature. They did not have any refrigerators, no grocery stores and no restaurants or fast food chains, where they could quickly find a cure for a rumbling stomach. Everything had to be hunted, searched and worked on. We can also try this out a little, as long as we have the patience. As we are living in the Stone Age, all children are allowed to eat with their fingers, slurp and munch and even (as an exception) dribble.

Menu suggestions

  • Stone Age muesli

    Grains and wheat are ground with the help of a grinding stone. Apples, carrots, hazelnuts or berries as well as honey to sweeten the muesli are added. The finished muesli is eaten from the stone or from a clay pot using the hands or a wooden spoon.

  • Dino burger on salad leaves

    • Corn can be ground with two stones. (If this is too time consuming, you can use flour from the shelf). The children knead a thick dough with water, a little salt and some lard (or margarine) if available. Other ingredients such as leek, nuts, sunflower seeds and other ingredients and herbs found in nature can be worked into the dough. From the finished dough, each person now takes enough to make a flatbread which is not too thick and places it on a flat stone near the fire. The stones should be heated up beforehand. It is recommended that you handle the stones with thick gloves or with the help of two sticks or leather.

    • Mushrooms and bacon can be cooked over the fire on a kebab stick

    • Steam carrots, hazelnuts and potatoes over the fire

    • The hazelnuts, carrots and potatoes are wrapped in green leaves (salad leaves, greens) buried into a trough and covered with a bed of sand or a layer of bark. (More modern would be to warp them in tin foil). A fire is lit on top. After approx. 30 -45 minutes, the steamed carrots, potatoes and hazelnuts can be carefully dug up. Once everything is finished, it is placed on top of the flatbread, garnished with a few salad leaves and the dino burger is ready. (Some find that it tastes even better with ketchup or mayonnaise and reminds us of the famous fast food chains)

  • Stick bread

    Eating bread on a stick is usually a hit with kids. This probably has something to do with the fire. We can make the flour for the bread ourselves by grinding corn, or if there is not enough time and do not want to have stone dust in the flour, then we can simply take flour from the shelf. Here are two recipes for stick bread – one with, one without yeast. The quantities given for the yeast bread is enough for approx. 10-15 people. The recipe for the bread without yeast is enough for 5-8 people. It is, however, always dependent on the hunger level.

    Recipe 1 for stick bread with yeast dough

    1 kg flour, 500 ml warm water, 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 packs of dried yeast – add all ingredients together and knead well into a dough. Let the dough rise for approx. 5 to 6 hours and then knead it once again. Now the dough can be stuck onto a stick in a sausage style approx. 10cm long and 2cm wide, however the point of the stick must be covered with dough. Hold the stick with the dough on it over a fire or coals so that the dough cannot burn. Once the dough is brown or golden brown, it is ready and the finished bread can be filled with jam or apple sauce, but also with sausage or pasta salad.

    Recipe 2 for stick bread without yeast

    1 kg flour, 2 packs of baking powder, approx. 3 teaspoons of salt, approx. 150 g butter or margarine, approx. 500ml cold milk and all ingredients expect the milk are kneaded into a dough (can be a bit crumbly). The milk is then successively added (the dough will now become smoother and stronger). Some other herbs or ingredients can be added according to taste and worked into the dough. Simply try it out.

  • Stone Age soup

    Heat up some water with bread, steamed carrots, steamed potatoes, some herbs and flavourings and the simple soup is ready.

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