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Stone Age Station Games

Stone age station game

In station games, a task must be performed at each station. A combination is obviously possible in relation to the daily outdoor adventure games.

  1. Stone age villa

    The group build a Stone Age settlement. This is judged on: time require, look, functionality, building method, features

  2. Central heating from the “Flintstone” company

    The group must make a fire. There are either only 2-3 matches available for the group or they must try the Old Stone Age method. There are different ways of making a fire.

  3. Rubbing sticks

    Different strong sticks are rubbed together. Through the heat generated by rubbing and with the sawdust, materials which are easy to light can be made to use a fire e.g. grass, threads or kindling.

  4. Fire arc

    Rubbing to make a fire can also be assisted by an arc and a drilling stick. On the side of the friction wood, a groove is made near to the intended borehole. By drilling the stick onto this groove, dust is heated up and falls onto the arc which is under it. The drilling staff consists of soft wood, maximally approx. 2 cm wide. The elbow should contain a sturdy chord. With one hand the elbow is moved back and forth which thereby turns the drilling staff, the other hand is used to press the drilling stick downwards using a piece of hard wood with a groove, or a smooth stone with curvature into the friction wood. If necessary the curvature/recess at the counter bearing something can be greased with suet. The friction wood and the lower point of the drilling staff must be completely dry. The following materials can be used as tinder: beech bark, dried mushroom and if necessary straw, dry moss and in addition, hemp.

  1. Striking a fire

    Dried tinder is placed in a stone bowl/hole. You must now hit a piece of flint onto pyrite so that sparks hit the kindling. Dried grass is now placed on the glowing tinder. You will of course need to find flint and pyrite for this.

    Even if it only works sometimes or only with a lot of stamina (it is hard work), it is very impressive when the stick becomes hot and when the first smoke is released. Practice makes perfect. The children can also learn how difficult it was to make a fire and that fire should always be guarded so that it does not go out. That is obviously no problem today.

  2. Fast Food Flintstone Ltd

    The group must make and eat muesli from corn, fruit, berries, honey and water. (Give all teams the same ingredients in the same quantities).

  3. Stone Amulet

    Using a piece of string, everyone must make a stone amulet to hand around their necks.
    Judging: The stone must sit well on the string.

  4. War paint

    Each group member must camouflage themselves. You will need water and some earth (in 2-3 shades) and charcoal.
    Judging: Originality and area of skin covered on the face/body.

  5. Medicinal herbs

    Medicinal herbs must be collected. The following count as medicinal herbs: grasses, leaves, forest fruits.
    Herb rating: How many different „medicinal herbs“have been collected in a specific amount of time?

  6. Making paints

    At this station oil, leaves, charcoal and earth is provided. With the help of two smooth or flat stones, the group must produce different colour tones by rubbing.
    Judging: How many different tones are produced.

  7. Making weapons

    The group produces spears and hatchets. The materials are either provided or must be found.

  8. "Who is trampling through the night – it is the mammoth with her child"

    The group must try to read and recognise 10 tracks. It can also be 10 different animal tracks drawn on a piece of paper.

  9. Hunger? New wardrobe? Hunt the mammoths for fur!

    Stone age station game

    Within a marked out playing field of approx. 50x50 meters, the group must find fur and mammoths (made from cardboard) within a set amount of time.
    Alternative: The objects must be counted from a distance of 10-15 meters. Then the players must shoot the mammoths with a bow and arrow at a distance of 5-10 meters.

  10. Stone age hunters hunt the sabre tooth tiger

    The group must catch a tiger. A tiger is made from cardboard. This must be hit with a spear. Each group member has one shot.

  11. The blaze

    The group must transport water from the nearby river (bath tub) to put out a fire. In those days, there were no water carriers and water had to be transported with the hands or with clothing (used like a sponge) or transported in a piece of leather.
    How much water can the group fetch in a specific amount of time? (Bucket and measuring jug are required).

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