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Promoting and strengthening team spirit with tournaments and sporting events

Just recently, I wrote something on the topic of team development. What does it involve, who is a team player, etc.? Every youth group should develop from a "bunch" to a team. No soccer team will win in the long run if the participants do not function as a team. At the end of the article, I have mentioned some more suggestions, actions and events which will help a group to become a team. In this new article, however, I would like to highlight another aspect of how tournaments and sporting events can promote team spirit. In addition, sporting events are also an excellent way to foster public relations and make new connections. Sports events as promotion for the youth group.

Soccer Tournament
Soccer Tournament | ©

What are the benefits for the club?

  • Community spirit is strengthened because only as a team can you reach your goal.

  • Cohesion is promoted

  • Identification with the group, the club, or company, thereby strengthening the respective team member's connection.

  • Image and perception of the club are promoted.

Rope pulling
Rope pulling | ©

Organization & Preparation

Organizing a tournament or sporting event requires a fair amount of organization and preparation. This is not something you just shake off your sleeve. Depending on the venue, permits have to be obtained. Then invitations have to be sent out, material for the press and public relations must be prepared etc.

  • Helpers needed according on effort

    For the realization of your event, you need enough helpers who are responsible for construction and dismantling, the catering or act as referees. Depending on the setting and the number of participants, the effort will increase. But even with little effort, one or the other tournament can be organized.

  • Flyers and posters

    Maybe it is enough if your group members distribute flyers for the next tournament among their friends or classmates and invite them.

    Or it is enough to have some posters that can be hung up in youth centers, in stores, or in the school, for example, pointing out your next football tournament.

  • Cups, certificates, non-cash, and cash prizes.

    Of course, the poster should not be missing what there is to win. For example, through sponsors we have managed to have quality prizes items as well as cash available. This was an incentive to welcome new kids.

    But also, for recurring events, it is worth buying a challenge cup. Those can be ordered in online shops. For the winners, there are additional medals. These are usually very coveted by kids and hang like trophies later in the children's or young people's room. Today, certificates can be designed with any graphics program and printed out on a good printer.

A few suggestions for tournaments

In this collection of materials on youth work, many ideas for small or large tournaments have already been described. The following list is not complete, but it gives some first ideas to start with one or the other tournament in your community.

  • The billiard tournament, table tennis, or table soccer tournament

    This is an all-time classic if you have appropriate equipment in the youth room available. However, this tournament is more suitable for a maximum of 16-20 participants - unless there are several tables available.

  • Kart race

    Very popular not only with young people but also with many companies. The kart track can be rented for 2-4 hours, and various races are possible.

  • Carrera race

    A large racetrack is set up in the group room. The winner is determined in several rounds.

  • Tipp kick tournament

    Playing soccer on the table, so to speak. Depending on the number of playing fields and participants, suitable for a tournament size with 16-20 participants.

  • Bicycle rally

    Bicycle course and bicycle race through the terrain. Such a bike rally can be started in a small group or with many participants. Of course, you need helpers for each bike station or task.

  • Skateboard contest

    Different tasks will crown the skateboard king at the end.

  • Frisbee Olympics

    Rather something fancy suitable for smaller groups.

  • Summer Olympics

    Possible for small groups, or the entire school. So, to speak, a miniature Olympics.

  • Table tennis tournament

    Suitable for 16 or more people, depending on the number of boards.

  • Croquet tournament

    A lawn tournament for smaller groups.

  • Stunt kite skill tournament

    Also rather fancy, but why not.

  • Dart tournament

    Darting is an absolute hit these days.

  • Airfield hockey

    Suitable for 16 or more people, depending on the number of tables. It can also be organized in a game or leisure club with an appropriate number of airfield hockey tables.

  • Chess tournament

    This is a rather quiet tournament for smart people. It is also easy to prepare. A sufficiently high number of chess games can be organized.

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