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Cycling Tour with a youthgroup 1000 kilometers
Cycling Tour with a youthgroup 1000 kilometers

Within the experimental learning environment, cycling takes a very particular place. The reason: a cycling trip can be done with kids of every age group and can be planned and implemented quick and relatively effortlessly. A different level of fitness amongst the participants does not pose a problem. The youth workers, however, need to make sure, that, at the beginning and the end of the cyclists, each is a supervisor. After all, one of the kids could run into a problem.

Be with it right from the start

Cycling tours are so popular because the participants can be easily integrated right from the beginning. Even Germany has a rather dense network of well-developed cycling and biking trails, the biking tour needs to be well prepared. The chosen route is supposed to be challenging, yet, at the same time should not be overwhelming for any of the participants.

Once the starting point of the tour is agreed upon, the youth workers and participants can sit together over the map and determine the exact course of the tour. Apparently, nothing is put into concrete, and there should be room for small changes in case the kids find something interesting along the way they want to explore a little bit more.

Cycling Tour with youth
Cycling Tour with youth

If the participants are involved right from the beginning, the cycling later on will be that much more fun. Being part of deciding on their destination teaches the young people to make their own decisions. However, it is unlikely that all participants opt for the same route. The youth worker could use this moment for a discussion on individual wishes. The participants are encouraged to formulate why they want to go to a particular destination and what speaks against other places to go. It gives them the unique opportunity to learn how to come up with an argument, stimulate the discussion process and finally learn to go with the decision of the majority.

Room for spontaneity

As soon as the place of destination is agreed upon, it is up to the youth worker to gather as much as possible information about this location. Depending on whether there are special attractions such as a castle or a fabled place. He could prepare for some games such as a puzzle, a scavenger hunt or a quiz upon their arrival. Ideally there is also a place to stay overnight and the opportunity to light a camp fire. At night, they could sit around the fire and tell stories they have invented. These activities strengthen the team spirit and make the cycling excursion a fun event for all.

What’s to take away for the individual?

Nowadays exercise for a young person comes way too short in their everyday life. The joint experience helps kids to discover the joy of exercising and may motivate them to keep fit by themselves. The youth worker can enhance this motivation to make cycling trips a regular event throughout the summer months. The welcome side effects are that the young people learn more about the place they live and have fun at the same time.

Cycling with children
Cycling with children |©: yanlev - Fotolia

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