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En route with a float (raft)

En route with a float (raft)
En route with a float (raft)
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A float (raft) trip is ideal for groups of all ages to get together to have fun and to learn as a group lessons for life. However, the youth worker should be careful to allow sufficient time for this activity. The experiential learning experience lies in the task of building the raft themselves. Therefore, this activity is only suitable for students from sixth grade and up. Rafting trips take preferable 3 -6 days and can be held at any main German rivers and inland waters.

For the participants to get to know each other

If the participants already know one another quite well, as is the case with a school class, the getting to know time can be cut shorter. Getting to know each other is an important element of the event. If you are traveling with groups, where the participants don’t know each other well, plan at least one afternoon with targeted games to loosen up and break the ice, so to speak.

The Adventure: building a float (raft)

To make the experience real, it is advisable for the participants, to build the raft, which eventually will take them on their journey, themselves. They will receive a proper and professional briefing from professional providers. After all, the raft is supposed to carry them for a few days.

An important part of achievement for the group is to complete something from available objects. Planks, timber, large and small tree trunks, maybe even tires – to build the raft. They have created something in a joint effort. Now they can take their achievement on their great discovery tours.

Experience nature intensively

En route with a float (raft)
En route with a float (raft)
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While on their way there are plenty of opportunities to learn new things. After all, some of the major German rivers, such as the Spree or Isar were once important trade routes, on which goods were shipped to destinations all around the world. If it is allowed, participants can try to catch fish by traditional means, which will be prepared over the campfire at night.

Rafting gives youth workers the opportunity to stop at interesting places and give the young people an intensive experience of nature. Especially, the water meadows and wetlands along the rivers are a fascinating habitat for many animals and plants. You can give this experience a nice finishing by camping in the great outdoors.

At the camp site, the youth workers have the opportunity to implement further educational games. For example, this could be building a tent in a joint effort or a quiz at the end of their venture. The shared time around the campfire at night should be shared to address issues, which might have come up during the day.

This rafting experience gives the youth worker plenty of opportunities to offer a lot of fun and interesting facts to the young people and that in a relatively short period. Ideally, this rafting experience helps for the group to grow closer and integrates those kids who are usually loners.

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