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Christmas Baking - Baking Recipes for Christmas

For those who want to bake with large groups

Most likely, Christmas, in most households, is the time of the year where it smells like fresh pines, great roasts and homemade cookies and cakes. Unfortunately, in the most cookbooks for homemade cookies, you find recipes only for 3 – 4 people. This can be embarrassing if you have to count the cookies you are handing out. Particularly, it is this time of the year, where most families are coming together in greater numbers. “Cooking for many” brings an end to this all. All great recipes are tailored for a greater number of people. Her you have everything at one glance: Preparation time, the amount of ingredients – everything just in easy and small steps. Treat your loved ones, for example with Amarna cookies, chocolate banana cookies, dominoes or Christmas cakes.

Of course, in “Cooking for Many” you will find much more great recipes for delicious sweets. And besides that you will also find great and inexpensive gift ideas for your loved ones and how to wrap them up to make them look just fantastic. If you have some ideas which are not mentioned, we would love to hear from you and put your ideas to the collection.

Christmas baking for many – does that always have to be stressful?

Not, if everything is properly prepared. This way baking for Christmas is pure fun. We have two simple tips for you: Prepare as much as possible and select simple recipes.

Prepare as much as possible

Whenever possible, choose recipes where as much as possible can be done in advance. It makes the finishing up with many participants much more relaxed.

Select Simple Recipes

Simple can be just as delicious. For example, especially at Christmas the simple Sand- or Butter cookies because they are so simple and remind many people of their childhood. And if there are a lot of guests to be expected simple recipes are gentle on your budget as well. There is less that can go wrong and the result is faster on the table.

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