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At your next party, you want to offer your guests something really special? How about you shine with great cocktails and get the party mood into swing? Don’t you worry, there is no need to study and buy expensive books? In "Cooking for Many" the most popular cocktail recipes are listed. In addition, all the recipes have been calculated for a larger number of people. Everything is explained in simple, comprehensible steps. At the beginning of the recipes, you find a list of all ingredients, which you can easily add to your shopping list. All the preparations and preparation times are clearly and easily described in "Cooking for Many.” You will find the hardest thing is to choose from all those great recipes. For example, you can choose between Cherry Daisy, Caribic flair, Strawberry Kiss, fruit punch and many other delicious cocktails. It gets even better. It is not only the preparation which is explained in "Cooking for Many".

Even for professionals, here you find expert decoration ideas. With all that help it will be easy to impress your guests with your cocktails; made like by a profi. As always, if you have some ideas and recipes which are not listed here, we would love to hear from you to add them and stay up to date all the time.

And most certainly there are also cocktail ideas for children and adolescents. Particularly, those non-alcoholic versions are often exceptional fruity and aromatic - and as a bonus, they taste really great.

Here is an idea: What about holding a cocktail party for children? The little one’s love events like that; events where they can feel really grown up. Those parties are even greater with the right decoration and good music; and in summer, of course, it can be a garden party.

Cocktail recipes just offer themselves to be changed. Children and young people love to experiment with the ingredients and try new creations.

However, even a cocktail party requires some preparation. There are various fruit juices and fruit for decorations to prepare and make; find the matching glasses and decorative items such as umbrellas and straws. And of course, there just has to be a cocktail shaker. – If you have a large group of kids, make sure you have more shakers so that there is no fight over who is using it at the time. Armed like that, your cocktail party only can be a success.

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