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picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups

picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups

picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups picture cooking for large groups

Cooking for Many - Recipes and Tips

For those who have to cook for large groups

  • Recipes and ideas for large groups

    Quick and easy recipes to suit every taste.

  • Tips for leisure or the camp kitchen

    What needs to be planned and prepared? What quantities are required?

Cooking for Many – Breakfast

Cooking is fun, relaxation, passion and can still be a major challenge when it comes to making breakfast for a large group. The following suggestions, ideas, tips and recipes may ease the preparation. In addition to lots of great recipes for a hearty breakfast for a greater number of people, I will also give you the exact quantities.

The preparation for a "breakfast for many" are described in simple and clear steps. Whether you prepare breakfast alone or in a group, fun should always be in the forefront. I am sure, everyone you cater for will be impressed by the richness of your great ideas and will make a lasting impression. Below is a brief overview of the available breakfast ideas. Impress your guests, for example, with ham and cheese croissant, an omelette, scrambled eggs to wake up, or a breakfast power drink.

However, many favour a really healthy breakfast. How about, for example, French toast or a homemade herb quark? And equally, a ham and cheese croissant will not stay on the breakfast table for long, but it all needs preparation.

A classic hearty breakfast is scrambled eggs. You can prepare it in countless different variations, e.g. with bacon, chives or other fresh ingredients. Scrambled eggs are also made very quickly even in large portions - an ideal breakfast for many!

Just with a few more ingredients you can turn scrambled eggs in a great omelette. For example the rustic omelette with bacon and onions or the sweet version with apple pieces and nut nougat cream etc.

Another great idea would be the Great Scout breakfast - muesli, jam, sausage, cheese and cottage cheese? There is certainly something for everyone here!

All this and much more can be found in the recipes in "Cooking for Many".

Check out the recipes, and you'll be surprised how little time these great breakfast ideas really take up. In addition, your help saving money – definitely a great side effect. Of course, you can also use your own ideas and cooking skills and enrich every meal with new and exciting ideas to create delicious meals for all!


For those who have to cook for large groups

What we cook today or tomorrow? There is hardly anyone who has never asked this question; especially when it comes to cooking for a larger number of people. Planning, preparation and quantities this all can be a big challenge at any time. After all, if you are cooking for a large group of people quite a few things are to be considered. Not only do the pots and pans need to be larger, but the quantities also have to be calculated anew because this is quite different than just cooking for a 3 or 4-person household.

If it comes to cooking for many, you are in good hands with us. Besides the countless recipe ideas, here you will find all the information and preparations you need when cooking for a large number of people. Simply proceed step by step as described below. No longer do you have to worry about quantity, preparation or time. Relax and enjoy the simplicity of detailed instructions. All recipes, thanks to their excellent description are easy to implement. Even for the beginner of cooking for many.

But none the less, we are still interested in your own experience, tips, and recipes. Only because of you, we remain so versatile, unique, exciting and incomparable up to date.


Pasta is a good idea at any time because it is always loved by children. However, here we are preparing Pasta for a larger group of children. What are the alternatives to Spaghetti Bolognese or Goulash with Pasta? Just have a look at “Cooking for Many”. At one glance, you will find 25 different, tasty, versatile and healthy pasta dishes. Complete and easily explained from preparation to completion.


Preparing meat dishes for a larger group of people can be said, without any exaggeration, to be challenging. Irrespective of the calculation of quantities, here also come the different cooking times of different meats into play. Visit "Cooking for Many" for delicious recipes and ideas. You can pick from 80 meat dishes what is suitable for you. In an easy way, you can also find personal favourites, right for every occasion

Side dishes

There are certainly not many areas in cooking where we have to make as many consideration as when it comes to side dishes. Particularly when cooking for larger quantities.

How many potatoes do we need for mashed potatoes for 12 people? How do you prepare that? And above all, how can we give the ever-popular mashed potatoes a new twist? When looking at “Cooking for Many,” you will find that all is no problem. Here you find the finest ideas when it comes to side dishes.


Casseroles are the favourites on many menus. On the one hand, they can be well prepared, on the other hand, they are very popular. But let's be honest - how many casseroles you know and which are suitable for a greater number of people? In "Cooking for Many" you can find about 35 baking recipes. No longer do you have to be afraid to cook for a larger group of people. Here you find everything right to the smallest detail, all well and easily explained. Just go and convince yourself.


Soups can be quite easily prepared for several people. They are nutritious and filling, and also very healthy. They virtually offer themselves for camping trips, because, basically, soups cook themselves.


Regarding the popularity of fish dishes, they are pushing more and more into the foreground, and rightly so. Fish is healthy and low on calories alike. Fish dishes are quite a culinary treat for all your guest. The "Cooking for Many" section contains many great recipes. The recipes are easy to make, the information in regards to preparation and duration are tailored to the cooking for larger groups.

Vegetarian lunch

More and more people nowadays opt for vegetarian food. By now there are already quite a few great recipe books available entirely for vegetarian cuisine. Unfortunately, these are limited in terms of giving information about preparing those dishes for more than four persons. In "Cooking for Many" you will find about 30 recipes that deal only with vegetarian cooking for large groups.


for those who have to cook for large groups

We know dinner is generally rather boring. Cheese-, Ham- or Salami sandwiches are not exactly what excites a connoisseur. Not only does boredom creep in, but it all also becomes that more difficult if you have to cater for a larger group of people. Besides the lack of ideas, there are also logistical problems and the calculation of quantities is difficult, not to mention the time you have to set aside for the preparation.

In “Cooking for Many” you will find the help you need. Below you will find a few examples how to quickly and easily prepare a "dinner for many". And besides that, they are also gentle on your budget. If you are passionate about the preparation of party rolls, cheese rolls or an onion and potato bake, those meals not just read better, they also taste better than your usual sandwich. And the best, they do not even take that more time to prepare. This certainly is a great plus if you can make delicious and healthy meals in just about the same time. Your guest will certainly shower you with praise. – And last but not lease, we are always glad to hear from you and learn about your tips and great recipes for healthy dinner dishes.

By the way, eating within a group is always great fun. It would be even more enchanting if the meal were prepared together; when the meal becomes the event of the day. Just think of the familiar fondue or raclette.

However, dinner for many does not have to be elaborate. How about, for example, a large pizza where every kid can put together his own slice according to his taste? Or a small buffet of hamburgers or hot dogs, where everybody creates his own food according to their preferences? In this regard, there are countless possibilities.

Even soups are very suitable for family meals with many eaters. They can easily be prepared in advance - for example, as goulash soup or potato soup – and they are popular with the young and old.

With those here presented recipes cooking and eating will be great fun for all participants.

Dessert and salads

for those who have to cook for large groups

Is the daily mental chase for the dessert something familiar to you? Should it be something sweet or maybe a healthy salad? Even for a small group of people, it can be challenging to decide between pudding, fruit salad, cucumber and tomato salad. This becomes even more difficult with the increase of people you have to cater for. What quantities are required, how much will it cost and finally, is there any variety in the food?

When cooking for many, it becomes important that the handling of ingredients are easy. After all, no one likes to stand in the kitchen for hours on end and take care of the meals, while friends and relatives engage in the fun part of the evening.

Therefore in “Cooking for Many” we have carefully selected recipes for salads and desserts which you can prepare well ahead of the event. The half-finished salad can be stored in the fridge. You can finish it just before the meal. All that is really left to do is putting the salad in bowls and adding the dressing or put the dessert together.

Just make it easy for yourself. Your guests will be delighted with your creation and enjoy the time you can spend with them. That’s the way for “cooking for Many.”

You will see, once you have a look at “Cooking for Many”, cooking for a large group of people is no longer daunting. At first glance you have about 30 desserts and 35 salads; it could not be more versatile. The time of agonising over quantity and cooking times are finally over. Everything is clearly laid out and explained in simple steps. In "Cooking for Many", you will find recipes such as an apple cake filled with marzipan, filled quark triangles or coconut dough filled with pineapple. Also, you will find easy and quickly made salads such as a cauliflower salad, a cheese salad with grapes or a simple fruit salad. You will be surprised how quickly those dishes are made. And as usual, we are always glad to hear from you and learn about your tips and great recipes for healthy dinner dishes.

Grilling & Campfire

for those who have to cook for large groups

Spring now slowly has returned, and all barbeque fans are already planning and preparing for the delicious barbeque season. If the evenings are still too cold for you, you will certainly enjoy a romantic, warm place by the blazing campfire. People meet with friends, neighbours or in clubs and as soon as the food choice goes further then grilling sausages and bacon, ideas are hard to come by. And as always, the size of the group plays a decisive role in all that. Granted, that is not easy. – Unless of course, you had a look at “Coking for Many.”

Even those dedicated to healthy eating are not falling short at the barbeque or bonfire. For example, how about grilled vegetables? They can be prepared easily and are finished on the grill in no time at all. And everybody can pick their favourite vegetables.

Another great idea is grilled mushrooms. Big mushrooms are most suitable here. Hollow them out, then fill them as desired, with cream cheese, garlic, ground nuts, etc. the mushroom can be grilled on a skewer of placed directly on the rack.

By the way: It is worthwhile to make dressings for grilled food yourself. Even they are readily available in supermarkets; they might contain undesirable ingredients such as flavour enhancers or artificial flavours. But above all that, if you buy it without any dressing the choice of meat is greater and the quality better.

Here you will find everything for every taste. Great meat dishes, delicious fish, vegetables, bread and great dressings. Everything step by step explained and calculated for large groups. Imagine the excitement of your guests, when you serve grilled mushrooms with herb cream cheese and nuts. Or have you ever served a quark-stick bread? This way, everyone prepares his own breadstick over a campfire from the prepared dough. Particularly when grilling with children, this will make for an unforgettable experience. If you have a great idea about a grill or campfire dish, we are happy to hear from you.

Christmas Baking - Baking Recipes for Christmas

For those who want to bake with large groups

Most likely, Christmas, in most households, is the time of the year where it smells like fresh pines, great roasts and homemade cookies and cakes. Unfortunately, in the most cookbooks for homemade cookies, you find recipes only for 3 – 4 people. This can be embarrassing if you have to count the cookies you are handing out. Particularly, it is this time of the year, where most families are coming together in greater numbers. “Cooking for many” brings an end to this all. All great recipes are tailored for a greater number of people. Her you have everything at one glance: Preparation time, the amount of ingredients – everything just in easy and small steps. Treat your loved ones, for example with Amarna cookies, chocolate banana cookies, dominoes or Christmas cakes.

Of course, in “Cooking for Many” you will find much more great recipes for delicious sweets. And besides that you will also find great and inexpensive gift ideas for your loved ones and how to wrap them up to make them look just fantastic. If you have some ideas which are not mentioned, we would love to hear from you and put your ideas to the collection.

Christmas baking for many – does that always have to be stressful?

Not, if everything is properly prepared. This way baking for Christmas is pure fun. We have two simple tips for you: Prepare as much as possible and select simple recipes.

Prepare as much as possible

Whenever possible, choose recipes where as much as possible can be done in advance. It makes the finishing up with many participants much more relaxed.

Select Simple Recipes

Simple can be just as delicious. For example, especially at Christmas the simple Sand- or Butter cookies because they are so simple and remind many people of their childhood. And if there are a lot of guests to be expected simple recipes are gentle on your budget as well. There is less that can go wrong and the result is faster on the table.

Buffet suggestions - ideas for festive buffets

For those who want to celebrate with large groups

In almost every family, there are occasions that call for cooking for a larger group of people. Of course, you could hire a catering service and book the “Carefree Package.” But don’t be fooled, that will cost you dearly; and besides that, the quality of the food is more often than not nothing you would want to treat your guests with.

Just take one look at “Cooking for Many.” Here you will find great, tasty, imaginative recipes for a larger number of people. Everything is explained in simple, comprehensible and understandable steps. Here you can take your time planning and calculating how much time you will need for all the preparations. Here you have all the correct quantities, which will make the shopping easier, and also you won’t find out that you forgot to buy the one or another thing. Also, preparation times are on the safe side. All dishes are explained in a way so that they truly can be finished in the allotted time.

Another advantage is, in “Cooking for Many” you will also find some unusual ideas which definitely will surprise your guests. Armed like that there is nothing that could go wrong anymore. As always, if you have some ideas which are not listed here, we would be delighted to hear from you, add them and always keep up to date.

Festive buffets offer a great advantage: they are much easier to prepare as a full meal for many. Most things you can prepare the day before which will save you time on the day of the event and give you additional time to spend with your guest.

Since a buffet usually is available for a longer time, the food needs to be kept warm, and there are some things to consider. The main problems are dishes which are to be eaten crispy. Have a look yourself. You will rarely see fries or other roasted meals at a buffet. This is also true for vegetables. Foods with high dairy content are also doing poorly at the buffet. Over time they may build up an unsightly “skin” on top as you can see it sometimes in sauces and desserts.

All those points mentioned above are taken into account in “Cooking for Many.” You can lean back and celebrate with your loved ones without any issues or regrets. – Most of all, you do not have to give up on your festive buffet.


For those who want to celebrate with large groups

At your next party, you want to offer your guests something really special? How about you shine with great cocktails and get the party mood into swing? Don’t you worry, there is no need to study and buy expensive books? In "Cooking for Many" the most popular cocktail recipes are listed. In addition, all the recipes have been calculated for a larger number of people. Everything is explained in simple, comprehensible steps. At the beginning of the recipes, you find a list of all ingredients, which you can easily add to your shopping list. All the preparations and preparation times are clearly and easily described in "Cooking for Many.” You will find the hardest thing is to choose from all those great recipes. For example, you can choose between Cherry Daisy, Caribic flair, Strawberry Kiss, fruit punch and many other delicious cocktails. It gets even better. It is not only the preparation which is explained in "Cooking for Many".

Even for professionals, here you find expert decoration ideas. With all that help it will be easy to impress your guests with your cocktails; made like by a profi. As always, if you have some ideas and recipes which are not listed here, we would love to hear from you to add them and stay up to date all the time.

And most certainly there are also cocktail ideas for children and adolescents. Particularly, those non-alcoholic versions are often exceptional fruity and aromatic - and as a bonus, they taste really great.

Here is an idea: What about holding a cocktail party for children? The little one’s love events like that; events where they can feel really grown up. Those parties are even greater with the right decoration and good music; and in summer, of course, it can be a garden party.

Cocktail recipes just offer themselves to be changed. Children and young people love to experiment with the ingredients and try new creations.

However, even a cocktail party requires some preparation. There are various fruit juices and fruit for decorations to prepare and make; find the matching glasses and decorative items such as umbrellas and straws. And of course, there just has to be a cocktail shaker. – If you have a large group of kids, make sure you have more shakers so that there is no fight over who is using it at the time. Armed like that, your cocktail party only can be a success.

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