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Healthy Diet – possible even in the field kitchen?

First of all, a healthy diet has to be varied. In addition to the dairy products and meat, young bodies need above all fresh veggies and fruits. To ensure a healthy diet, you should ensure that there is also enough vitamins, calcium and magnesium. In addition to iron for blood formation and vitamin C for health, many other factors play an important role in the diet. One of the main things, tough is, veggies and fruits should always be fresh. If you have no access to fresh produce, can resort to frozen veggies and fruit. Since the vegetables are handled very gently before freezing, they contain far more vitamins than the food from cans and jars.

But not only the freshness plays a role, but also the preparation. Whenever possible do not fry potatoes. Even potatoes in themselves are healthy, when fried they contain a lot of unnecessary fat. However, if you really can’t do without fries, then at least prepare them in the oven. The same goes for pasta. Even pasta is healthy in excess it will promote great weight gain. Cooked fruits and vegetables are dead food. They defy a healthy diet and are better eaten raw whenever possible. Peppers, for example, is food which does not need to be cooked.

Healthy Diet
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Once a week a fish dish will do wonders for your health and also is an important source of protein. A fresh salad now and then, with herbs and a little salt, is suitable for any diet and is also easily prepared in a field kitchen. Another point is the consumption of meat. Make sure it is not too fat. You can replace protein through different meals. Everybody knows that, when you are cooking for many, it is heaps easier just to open a can. However, it is much more reasonable to cook yourself. At least you know what is in the food you eat. Even vegetable pizzas with courgettes and tomatoes can be prepared for many people, and it is healthy at the same time. The cheese will make sure the calcium requirement is met.

What sometimes seems difficult, often can be quite easy to implement. But make sure, whenever you use fresh veggies and fruits that you always wash them well before their preparation. And that is particularly true if you pick raspberries, blueberries or blackberries in the forest. It is not just about the fox tapeworm, but it also helps to remove any residues of pesticides. Best you adopt the same attitude towards all produce you buy. Although organic products are more expensive, they are not fertilised by chemical means.

In the end, a healthy diet can be realised, even in the field kitchen. All you really need to know is, what the body needs and then plan accordingly.

Cooking at the camp
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